Reports: Eagles want 2nd rounder for Vick

Last night, we rounded up a bunch of rumors, including talk of the Browns wanting to deal for a QB, rather than draft or sign one.

And now some other leftovers we didnt' get to.

Multiple reports have surfaced that the Eagles' asking price for Michael Vick is a second-round pick.

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post has been saying for weeks now that the Eagles are content to hold on to Vick, regardless of what they do with Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb.

Writes Lombardi:

And unless they get a second round pick, they won’t move him. You think that’s too much? Not really if you understand that if they hold on to him and he becomes a free agent in 2011, then signs with another team, the Eagles would probably get a compensatory third-round pick. So it makes sense to ask for a second rounder right now. Who will pay that? No one. That’s why I see Vick back with the Eagles.

The Daily News' Les Bowen checked this report out with the Eagles, who said there is no way to predict what sort of compensation the Birds would get if Vick became a 2011 free agent. Factors would include what sort of contract he got elsewhere and what free agents the Eagles signed. The Birds are unlikely to pay Vick more than $5 million this year on the off chance they might get a slightly higher draft pick in a year.

Meanwhile, Clark Judge of has quotes from NFL personnel people about Vick.

"They think he can still start in this league," one player personnel director told Judge, "and they're not going to trade him just to get rid of him."

Judge reports that the consensus at the combine was that the Eagles aren't willing to accept anything less than a second-round pick.

And finally, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is told by a "tipster" that the Rams remain interested in McNabb, and that the compensation could be the first pick in the second round.

Florio updated later to say a source tells him the Eagles have not yet accepted any offers for McNabb.

Much more later.

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