Reid: Game 'not about Donovan'

Andy Reid said Sunday's game is "not about Donovan [McNabb] or Andy Reid or Michael Vick." (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Andy Reid did his best at his morning news conference to temper the story of the week -- the return of Donovan McNabb to Philadelphias as a member of the Washington Redskins.

This game is "not about Donovan ... Or Andy Reid or Michael Vick or anyone else," Reid told a large contingent of media at his Wednesday news conference.

Reid also said he would be more worried about McNabb's familiarity with the Eagles' offense if  McNabb was a middle linebacker.

Asked if he would have still traded McNabb had he known he would end up changing quarterbacks two weeks into the season, Reid offered this:

"Since I didn't know all that, and I did trade Donovan, I'm not real worried about that ... That's a fully loaded question and I'm not Plato," Reid said.Not Andy, despite all the intellectual similarities

As for Michael Vick, and the fact that as Reid noted, Vick didn't play this well in the preseason, Reid said that Vick needed to play more than a series or a snap here or there in order to break through.

Vick said he was very happy McNabb played "an instrumental role in getting me here," and called McNabb "a great quarterback and great competitor."

Vick said he will "continue to cherish every moment" of his comeback and "continue to try to make the fans proud." 

Asked about the pressure of the situation, Vick said: "I've been under pressure my whole life. My whole life, there's always been pressure to take care of my family, and a lot of other things. This is football. There's pressure, but you've also got to make light of the whole situation."

"It was great playing with Donovan," Vick said. "Every day at that locker, I came in and I knew I was going to get a good laugh, every day. Sometimes four and five times a day. He's the type of guy, you can be in a bad mood, things not going so well at home, he'd give you good advice. He's a very responsible person and just an overall professional ... I always enjoyed my time with him."

Vick suggested a standing ovation would be appropriate Sunday for McNabb, who he said "sacrificed a lot for this organization."


On the injury front, guard Nick Cole is the only Eagle who will not practice. Cole is having swelling in his injured knee. Reggie Wells stepped  in during the Jacksonville game when Cole struggled.