New York Mets may want former Phillies outfielder Michael Bourn

Scott Boras still expects Michael Bourn to get more than the 5 years, $75.25 million that B.J. Upton received from Atlanta. (John Amis/AP file photo)

Now that the Atlanta Braves have acquired Justin Upton, they may be ready to move Michael Bourn.

And another team Phillies fans don't like may be ready to move to sign him.

The New York Post reported Thursday morning that the Mets are a "realistic" potential destination for Bourn, who played in Philadelphia in 2006 and 2007.

Bourn hit .274 with nine home runs and 57 RBI in 2012, and stole 42 bases. He made the National League All-Star team for the second time in three years. 

Other teams interested in Bourn include the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.

Although he is a free agent, any of the teams currently pursuing Bourn would have lose a first-round draft pick. That is because Atlanta made him a qualifying offer after the 2012 season ended.

But the Mets are trying to exploit a loophole that could get them Bourn without giving anything up. The top 10 draft picks are exempt from the aforementioned condition. New York has the No. 11 pick and Pittsburgh, which failed to sign its first-round draft pick last year, is at No. 9. The Pirates have that selection in part because that pick was not signed.

The Mets have argued to Major League Baseball that if the Pirates had signed their draft pick, the Mets would have a top-10 selection in the coming draft. As such, the Mets claim that they should not have to give up the No. 11 selection in order to sign Bourn.