NFL Mock Draft: Eagles take OT Eric Fisher

Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.

The Eagles writers from the Inquirer (Jeff McLane and Zach Berman) and Daily News (Les Bowen and Paul Domowitch) joined us for a live NFL mock draft on Monday afternoon.

Each writer was assigned teams at random, and had two minutes to make a selection. When the Eagles pick arrived, the draft stopped and each writer offered their take on who they think the Eagles will draft.

1. Chiefs (Paul Domowitch) - Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

To be on the safe side, I checked to see if there was an Andrews brother who is draft-eligible this year. There isn't. That leaves the Chiefs choosing between the two top-rated OTs -- Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher. Fisher is more athletic, but Joeckel is out of the SEC and probably more ready to play right now.

2. Jaguars (Zach Berman) -  Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

Dave Caldwell, the new Jags GM, and Gus Bradley, Philadelphia's favorite coaching candidate, can shake up the draft here. They'll consider two names discussed in the Eagles draft room: Eric Fisher and Dion Jordan. Ultimately, they'll go with Bradley's speciality: defense, and take Dion Jordan as a pass rusher who Bradley can use creatively.

3. Raiders (Jeff McLane) - Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

With the third pick in the NFL draft the Raiders select Sharrif Floyd, defensive tackle from Florida.


Les Bowen - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

I would try to trade down with the Jets at 13, because they really need Dee Milliner now. I would want to pick up a second and something else (I don't even know if the Jets have a second, and I'm not sure they know, but if they do, I want it). If nobody in the top 15 or so covets the fourth pick enough to make me draft-pick rich, then I'm gonna take Fisher.

McLane - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

I think everyone has a pretty good idea who I'm going with, if you've been paying attention to my dribble. The Eagles will take that the best available player on the board and that will be Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher. That being said, I don't think Fisher will be there on Thursday. If that is the case, the Eagles will do whatever it takes to trade down. If they can't find a partner I think they'll take Oklahoma T Lane Johnson.

Berman - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

If that's how the top three works out, I'm thinking Mike Dougherty hands in a card with Eric Fisher's name on it. Fisher, the offensive tackle from Central Michigan, fills a need and has value. There's also a good track record for top 5 offensive tackles. Since 2010, 11 have been picked. Seven became Pro Bowlers.

I do think, at this point, there will be a trade market generated for tackles. The Chargers might try to move up, or a team could want to leap-frog the Lions at No. 5. But Fisher is the pick here. If he's off the board and Jordan is on the board, go with Jordan. If both are off the board, go with a trade or Lane Johnson.

Domowitch - Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

With Jordan off the board, I think there are two considerations for the Eagles here. One obviously is Fisher. The other is Star Lotulelelei. Guess you could throw in fast-rising OT Lane Johnson of Oklahoma as well. Lotulelei has the kind of versatility Chippah likes. Could play nose tackle and the 5-technique end spot. But I think No. 4 is just a little too high for Lotulelei, and I have some reservations about taking a 3-4 defensive lineman that high. Fisher is my selection. Can play right tackle this year, Herremans moves to left guard and Mathis moves to right guard.

5. Lions (Bowen) - Ziggy Ansah, DE, BYU

Lions have shed both Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch, so they need a pass-rusher, and Zach already took Jordan, way too high...

6. Browns (Berman) - Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

Here's the thing. I'm not in love with anyone right now, and I'm trying to get the Chargers to trade up to leap-frog the Cardinals for Lane Johnson. I don't have a second-round pick, either, because Josh Gordon was taken in the supp. round last year. So I'm offering Les my No. 6 pick for the No. 11 pick and the second-round pick. (No. 76 overall.) If no bites, then I'm taking Milliner.

7. Cardinals (McLane) -Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

I won't waste any time at No. 7 ... The Cardinals take Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson and Carson Palmer does the jig.

8. Bills (Domowitch) - Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina

Clearly, I'm considering a quarterback here. Geno Smith? Ryan Nassab? EJ Manuel? But the Bills also need offensive line help. Somebody I can trade to the Eagles in a couple of years. My new coach wants me to take Nassab, but I think he'll be there in the second round. Smith's track record in cold weather isn't very good. And in case you didn't know this, it gets cold in Buffalo. If I were going to take a QB here, it might be Manuel. But. . . I'm going O-line. Taking the most athletic interior linemen in the draft. Taking guard Jonathan Cooper of North Carolina. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

9. Jets (McLane) - Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

And with the No. 9 pick, the Nooo York Jets select ... Geno ... booo ... nah, Mike Tannenbaum is gone, I think Idzik takes that best available player and that is Utah DT Star Lotulelei. He'll fit in nice along that odd-man front.

10. Titans (McLane) - Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

I think the Titans stay with the offensive line theme and grab Alabama G Chance Warmack. They had him slotted ahead of Cooper, too. So take that a smoke it, Domo!

11. Chargers (Bowen) - Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

We wanted Lane Johnson to protect Phillip Rivers' blindside, but on our board, anyway, Johnson is gone. How about wide reciever Tavon Austin?

12. Dolphins (Berman) - Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

I'm assuming the trade with Kansas City for Brandan Albert goes through, and the Dolphins work out an extension with Albert. Because of that draft, the Dolphins don't have as much of a need at tackle. So they're going to go cornerback, and take Xavier Rhodes from Florida State.

(If the trade doesn't go through, it's D.J. Fluker. But for the sake of our mock draft, this pick is Rhodes.)

13. Jets (Bowen) - Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

Jets got a defensive tackle in Lotulelei already. They seem to have recently traded away a corner, can't recall his name...Darren Something? Darwin? So, I'm taking a corner. Two are already gone, which is a surprise to the Jets, like most things. So instead of trading back and stocking up, they panic and reach for Desmond Trufant, because you can never have too many members of the Trufant family on your roster.

14. Panthers (Domowitch) -  Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

This one's easy. Panthers need an interior playmaker for Sean McDermott's defense. Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson, come on down.

15. Saints (Berman) - Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU

Barkevious Mingo is still on the board, and he's my pick here -- a fit in the Saints' new 3-4, someone who Saints fans already know. At least one of the Ryan brothers gets to coach Mingo.

16. Rams (Domowitch) - D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

Rams need secondary help, both at corner and safety. But they also need to get Sam Bradford some pass-catching help. Could go with D.J. Hayden. Could go with Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro. Could go with Tennessee receiver Cordarrelle (Cordoroy?) Patterson...

The Rams select...D.J. Hayden. Hayden and Janoris Jenkins would give the Rams a helluva CB tandem.

17. Steelers (Bowen) - Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

The Steelers could do several things at 17, a TE, a WR, but OLB Jarvis Jones restocks the Steel Curtain at a crucial position, one that has grown shockingly thin. I think his neck's OK. The bad recent 40 time is harder to ignore, but what the heck, I'm ignoring it. Dude's made a lotta plays at Georgia.

18. Cowboys (Domowitch) - Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

Cowboys need interior offensive line help in the worst way. But 18 is a little too high for Syracuse G/T Justin Pugh. Tempted to give them EJ Manuel just for the hell of it. But they need a safety and this is right about where Kenny Vaccaro should go. So I'll give the Cowboys Vaccaro.

19. Giants (Berman) - Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

I used the cover the Giants, and when Jerry Reese says best player available, that can sometimes be interpreted as code for "best pass rusher available." They value pass rushers, and they already lost Osi Umenyiora this offseason.

So I have them going with Bjoern Werner, the defensive end from Florida State. He fits what they like to do. Other possibilities are a right tackle and a cornerback. But with the Giants, never bet against a pass rusher.

20. Bears (McLane) - Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

I had Miami taking Tyler Eifert at No. 12 in my first mock. It was probably too early. No. 20 sounds about right. I think the Bears grab the Notre Dame tight end from down the street.

21. Bengals (Berman) - Matt Elam, S, Florida

The Bengals are on the phone here to a team that wants Geno or Manuel. But I can't call teams around the league in a mock draft, so I'm staying here and picking Matt Elam, the safety from Florida.

He's on the smaller side, but I don't have a problem with that. (Teed up the joke for the other writers...)

22. Rams (Bowen) - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

I'm told the Rams really want a big, fast wideout. At 22, that has to be Cordarelle Patterson from Tennessee. The guy kinda scares me to death -- not a great route-runner, didn't do well in interviews with teams, but he's big and fast and useful as a returner, and frankly, since I cover the Eagles and I don't expect THEM to take a WR in the first few rounds, I'm not all that well-versed on guys after Austin and Patterson. So, Patterson it is.

23. Vikings (Berman) -  Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame

As Jeff mentioned, the Vikings might think Geno Smith is good value here. They also can fortify needs on a playoff-contending team -- specifically, wide receiver, linebacker, defensive end, and cornerback. They're picking again at No. 25, so they have options here. I'm going to make this interesting and give them Manti Te'o, linebacker from Notre Dame.

Te'o is an the under-the-radar guy, so it's OK if fans aren't familiar with him.

24. Colts (McLane) - Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

I had the Colts taking DT Sylvester Williams here in my first mock draft. I'm not sure why, but I bet I had a good reason, so I'll stick with the big guy from North Carolina.

25. Vikings (Bowen) - Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia

Ogletree is an athletic outside linebacker who fits a need. But DJ Fluker is still on the board, right? I don't know if the Vikings need Fluker, but he sure represents value here. I'm gonna stick with Ogletree, cuz last night I asked a Vikings writer and that was a guy he liked...

26. Packers (Berman) - D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

Well, Fluker is still on the board, which is very surprising. I had the Packers going with a safety, and I don't think he's on the board at this point, but if so, Ted Thompson pulls the trigger. D.J. Fluker it is.

27. Texans (Domowitch) - Jamie Collins, DE/OLB, Southern Miss

Quarterbacks are going to go in these final 7-8 picks. But it probably will be from teams trading up into the first round, not from the teams currently there. But this is a mock and there are no trades. Texans lost Connor Barwin. Perfect guy to replace him would be Southern Miss DE/OLB Jamie Collins. He's my pick here at 27 to Houston.

28. Broncos (Bowen) - Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

I'm taking running back Eddie Lacy, because no one has taken a running back, and Broncos seem to feel they need one. What they really need is to practice defending long, hail-mary passes, but Eddie Lacy it is.

29. Patriots (McLane) - Keenan Allen, WR, Cal

The Pats need receivers -- bad. Hopkins is there, and he is talented, but teams may take him off the board because of the combine fiasco. So I'll select another WR I like -- California's Keenan Allen.

30. Falcons (Bowen) - Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford

Tony Gonzalez can only unretire so many times, and the TE position is increasingly important in the NFL, so I'm going with Stanford TE Zach Ertz.

31. 49ers (Domowitch) - Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

49ers have lost a couple of defensive linemen in free agency. Eagles signed Sopoaga and the guy with the french name also signed elsewhere. With 31st pick, Niners take UCLA DE Datone Jones.

32. Ravens (McLane) - Jon Cyprien, S, Florida International

The Ravens could take Minter to help replace Ray Ray at inside LB, but I think they'll go safety. Both safeties left and the safety class at this point in the draft is stong. So the Ravens take Fla Intl safety Jon Cyprien and the first round is over. Good night, everybody!

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