Carmelo to the 76ers?

The 76ers are indeed in talks with the Denver Nuggets about a potential trade for Carmelo Anthony, an NBA source confirmed, although another source cautioned that there are likely 20-plus NBA teams inquiring about Anthony's availability and nothing was imminent regarding this trade. A third questioned Anthony's desire to play in Philadelphia -- Anthony has made it clear he'll only play for a handful of teams, with Philly not on the list.

The second source said the next step in this negotiation is Denver's and that all negotiations have gone quiet today; this coming week will show where the Nuggets are headed with Anthony.

Bottom line: Yes, the Sixers are talking with Denver, but they are one of a number of teams pitching proposals Denver's way.

Although the peripheral pieces of this potential trade remain unknown, one Western Conference source said the heart of the Sixers' offer would revolve around Iguodala, whom the Nuggets have always been very high on.

Last week we reported here that the Sixers would make a call to Denver, but in recent days the Sixers' potential role in a trade for the Nuggets' superstar was overshadowed by a developing trade involving, among other teams, the New Jersey Nets and Charlotte Bobcats. As that trade for Anthony has been held up, and is threatening to fall apart, a trade involving the Sixers has been given a little life.