Myers, witness: No confrontation

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers denied a report that he confronted starter Cole Hamels after Game 5. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Brett Myers and Cole Hamels are friends. They ride together to the ballpark nearly every day. And they did not have a confrontation last night, according to Myers and another team official who was present. 


If there is a Game 7 should Cole Hamels start?

An Internet report surfaced after Game 5 that Myers made a snide comment to Hamels in the locker room, referencing Hamels’ comments after Game 3. That night, Hamels admitted that 2009 has been a tough season for him--after saying for several minutes that he wanted to pitch in a potential World Series Game 7.
“There was no confrontation whatsoever,” Myers told me when reached by telephone this morning. 
The version related in separate conversations with Myers and Phillies director of baseball communications Greg Casterioto was this: Myers was ready to leave last night, and was looking for Hamels in the locker room. A common inside joke when a Phillie is looking for a teammate is to say, “He quit,”  (as in,  "where's so and so?" "Oh, he quit," or "hey, there you are. I thought you quit"--and as someone who has been around that team all year, I've heard that joke many times.) and Myers dropped the line on Hamels when he saw the lefty at his locker. Hamels responded with a lighthearted expletive.
Myers said he was totally unaware of Hamels’ comments two days earlier. “I had no idea there was even a story going around about this,” he said. “We’re friends. There is no problem.”
Casterioto, who witnessed the entire non-event—and said that at least two prominent television reporters were also there and heard the brief exchange without feeling that it was newsworthy—called the idea of tension between Myers and Hamels “ludicrous.”
Hamels could not be immediately reached for comment.