More Shawn Andrews videos surface

You've probably seen Shawn Andrews' Get your Michael Phelps on video by now.

The YouTube classic (note: we use the term "classic" loosely here at MTC) is up to 19,470 views as of this morning.

But there is more from bigkid73, the tag used by the enigmatic Eagles offensive lineman. Three new videos have popped up over the past few days.

I've embedded them below.

The first one was uploaded some time during the past weekend, presumably Saturday, and features more lyrics than we've seen from Andrews previously. He raps about his depression. Here is some of what he says:

** "If you can read this, I will show you why I feel so left out. I was prepared to die, but I wasn't really ready, and now my life is on track and now I'm holding steady, man I hope y'all ready."

** "What is judgemental? Come here mental case. I went through my depression. I learned my lesson. I got my blessing."

** "Man this is lame ish. How did it come to this? Two years ago, All-Pro, semi-famous. And now the image change a lot since I got hurt."

** "I heavily Pac-Manned it up. I would just make it rain."

** "Now people turn the other cheek, since I flew to L.A. to have surgery."

** At the end, he speaks to the camera and gives a shoutout to WIP for playing his Michael Phelps song. He adds, "People talk down on me and take life as a joke, man. I hope your life is bigger than just sitting back and bashing on Shawn Andrews, man."

The second one is from this past Sunday. No lyrics, just a beat. Andrews' little kid sneaks in wearing a Phillies hat and interrupts dad's session in the studio.

And finally the third one, which is from this past Friday. Around the 2:10 mark, Andrews talks to the camera after playing his beat.

"I'm in the studio with my son," he says. "I don't know why people acting like I can't have a life outside of football. Y'all cracking me up, man."

Later he closes by saying, "Just doin' what I love to do, outside of what I do for a living, which is what I love to do. Have to keep reminding people."

The one thing that struck me after watching this is that Andrews is definitely concsious of what people are saying about him and writing about him. This probably shouldn't come as a surprise since he went after the writers with the "ink pens" a short time ago, but just in these three videos, he addresses critics who think he doesn't want to play football and those who think he should be focused on rehab and not making music.