Miller's X-Ray Negative

The Sixers just announced that Andre Miller's X-rays came back negative: He is expected to play tomorrow.

Here's the original post: 

This afternoon, 76ers point guard Andre Miller was en route to get an X-Ray on his right hand. The Sixers walked through Detroit Pistons sets around noon today at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Miller participated with some sort of padding/protection on his right hand then immediately left for the X-Ray.

Officially, the Sixers said it was a "3rd metacarpal contusion and sprain," which means the middle finger on his right hand. It happened in last night's win over the Milwaukee Bucks, but Miller didn't approach the trainer about the injury until this morning. This is second-hand, but the injury is believed to have happened when Bucks guard Ramon Sessions hacked downward on Miller as Miller was driving to the basket. Miller, obviously, played the rest of the game.

Sixers said they would make the X-ray results available later this afternoon.