McNabb's dad chimes in on trade

Count Donovan McNabb's dad, Sam, among those who would have preferred that the Eagles not announce their franchise-changing trade on Easter Sunday.

"Absolutely, it meant something," he said of the timing of the announcement, per Jarrett Bell of USA Today.

"We were celebrating Jesus' resurrection, right? Then we turn around and Donovan gets resurrected. Just perfect."

Sam went on to say that his son's experiences in Philadelphia will prepare him to reach the goals he still wants to achieve.


When will the Eagles’ moves at quarterback erupt into a full-blown controversy?

"My motto is, 'You have to go through some things to get to some things,' " he said. "What he went through in Philadelphia will probably help him get to what he really wants.

"Remember what our ancestors would tell us growing up? They said, 'Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' "


After his press conference yesterday, McNabb gave NFL Network's Rich Eisen a few moments of his time. Most of the answers were standard, but he was asked if he gave the Eagles some type of list of preferred teams.

"People were saying that they heard from friends of mine, instead of actually hearing from me," McNabb said. "There was not a list. The list, if there was one, was only one team, and that was the team in Philadelphia, but obviously that didn't work."

Nice job by Eisen to fake McNabb out at about the 4:40 mark of the clip.


Late last night, we posted on reports of the latest draft visits and workouts involving the Eagles. And our master list is also updated.

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