Matt Carle blogs for the Daily News

Ian Laperriere has a contusion of the brain and will be out of action indefinitely. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Flyers defenseman Matt Carle will blog regularly, and exclusively, for the Daily News during the NHL playoffs.

Carle, 25, is in his fourth NHL season and his second as a Flyer. Carle captured two NCAA national titles in three seasons at the University of Denver, where he became the only junior defenseman to ever win hockey's Heisman Trophy, the Hobey Baker Award, in 2006. Carle is just one of 11 players in NHL history from Alaska and resides in Minnesota in the offseason.

Here is Carle's first blog:

I watched a little bit of the Washington game last night. But I had company over for dinner, so I watched the beginning of the game and saw that Montreal scored on the first power play and then I flipped it off.


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I had dinner and then turned it back on again in the third period and watched the end of it. I saw the highlights on "SportsCenter" and saw the huge saves that [Canadiens goalie Jaroslav] Halak made.

But I didn’t watch it start to finish.

Every year for my birthday [Sept. 25], my parents send me Alaskan king crab legs from home. They send down four or five crab legs. I threw them in the freezer and forgot about them. Having the week off, I decided to pull them out and cook them up.

I don’t want to put too much stock into watching games. That’s what makes it tough during the playoffs, especially watching the games out on the West Coast. You find yourself wanting to watch the first period. Then it turns into the second period. Then the game is tied, so you’re forced to watch the third period. Now it’s going to overtime and I can’t turn it off.

With the Washington game last night, having dinner helped.

At this time of year, I don’t think anyone likes having the skating-type of practices that we’ve had. But you know that they’re necessary. We need to stay in that top physical shape. Especially this time of year, this is when it really pays off.

It’s nice to have this week off to get away from the game mentally. But we still need to keep our legs under us and be ready for the next series.