Marty sets goals for Kolb

Marty Mornhinweg said that Kevin Kolb's best qualities are his "quick decision-making and his accuracy." (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

The Eagles completed the three-day rookie phase of training camp Thursday morning with a 90-minute workout. The veterans report this afternoon, and the first full-squad practice will be Friday afternoon. The Friday workout will be closed to the public.

Quarterbacks Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick both were given the morning off. Rookie Mike Kafka was the only QB on the field.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg spoke after practice. He said the two biggest things he wants to see out of Kolb this season are: 1) a high completion percentage; and 2) a low interception count. He follows Donovan McNabb, who has one of the best interception percentages in NFL history.

The Eagles worked out two free agent wide receivers this morning: veteran Kelly Washington and Jared Perry, a rookie out of Missouri. Washington has played for the Bengals, Patriots and Ravens. He’s a very good special teams player.

The transcript from the morning interview session with the offensive coordinator:

(on kolb) The best qualities that Kevin has, and there’s many of them, is quick decision-making and his accuracy and his timing. He’s got a good amount of skill and ability. And he’s got some guts. And some gut-instincts as well.

(what eagles saw in kolb when they drafted him) The first thing you saw on film was that he was a playmaker. His numbers were very good. He was dynamic within what they did. Working him out, you could see immediately that his skill and ability was high.

(more on kolb) He got into some regular-season games last year and played very well for the most part. There were 2 or 3 critical errors that he made and he learned from them. I can remember there was a play early in his career, there was a blitz and he just did the wrong thing. A year later in his second game last year, he was in the same spot. Similar play, similar situation. He did the perfect thing and we gained 16-18 yards. So he learns quick. He learns from his mistakes.

(does playbook change with him at qb rather than mcnabb?) We have a lot in our playbook. Literally thousands of plays. Within what we do, we’ll lean to his strengths. And he’s got many strengths.

(your expectations from him) I told him. I want a high completion percentage. And I want him to stay away from interceptions. If he does that, everything else will take care of itself.

(more on kolb) I will say this. He’s still got a long way to go. There are so many things he has not seen quite yet. So we’ll see how he progresses here.

(mcnabb has one of league’s best interception percentages. Are you bracing for more interceptions with Kolb?) Every quarterback’s a little bit different. Some don’t anticipate as well as others early in their career, and that could lead to a few more turnovers. I’m not sure Kevin’s that way. And he’s built up some time in the league, so he’s seen a lot. Maybe he hasn’t had quite the experience. But I think he’ll be just fine. We may go through some more ups and downs with him, especially early. So you can anticipate some of that. But he’s a quick learner who will learn from his mistakes and move on.

(will you pass ball more with Kolb?) Every game is its own entity. Whatever it takes to win that game. There could be more passing that particular game. There could be more running that particular game. We could put men in different spots. So, I wouldn’t say that (throw more). We’ll do whatever it takes to put him in position to have success.

(the tight ends – Ingram and Harbor) They’re both in that learning curve right now. They’ve both got a lot to learn. I would expect one or both to help us very quickly. But we’ve got a long way to go. This camp will be very important for both of them.

(rookie RB Charles Scott) He’s a big physical guy. He had a heckuva career in college. I’m gonna be excited to see him in preseason games.

(the RB position as a whole) The RB position in critical to our offense. LeSean (McCoy) has proven himself to some extent. He carried the load quite a bit last year as a rookie. That experience he built up will pay off this year. I would expect him to make a pretty good jump this year.

(will it be tough for a young QB to keep INTs down considering how much as you throw the ball?) It’s just common sense (to tell him not to throw interceptions). You want him to throw touchdowns, not interceptions.

(rookie WR/RB Chad Hall) He’s doing an excellent job. Pretty sharp guy. He’s been playing all positions. He’s playing outside and inside. In the minicamps we even got him in at HB spot some. And we’ll do that more very quickly. He’s really catching the ball well. He’s very quick. He looks like he’ll be a very consistent player.

(would you prefer for DeSean Jackson to just play WR and not return punts?) Oh no. He’s dynamite (as a return man). Why wouldn’t you (use him as a PR)? We’ll see how it falls. But he’s one of the best at doing that. You want to utilize his strengths, and that certainly is one of his strengths.

(Hall having been out of football for 2 years) You just work, work, work. You saw that with Michael Vick last year.