Marty Mornhinweg says key to improvement is reducing turnovers

"We have to play better in many instances," Marty Mornhinweg said about the Eagles offense. (Matt Rourke/AP file photo)

Marty Mornhinweg's evaluation of his offense produced a simple solution: stop turning the ball over.

"Let me make myself very clear -- we have to play better in many instances," Mornhinweg said. "However, if we flip that turnover ratio, it takes care of an awful lot of things. That's the biggest key when we looked at everything with fine detail. When you make it simple, you flip the turnover ratio, you take care of an awful lot of things."

The Eagles have turned over the ball 17 times. Reid said he was going to evalute everything -- play-calling included -- but it sounds like Mornhinweg will still call plays and Michael Vick remains the quarterback.

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"You make adjustments every week in this league," Mornhinweg said. "The bye week gives you some time to spend on fine details. There was a host of fine details virtually with every player, then as a unit, then as an offense."

Mornhinweg said most of the focus was on the turnover ratio. His entire message -- to almost every question -- was stop turning the ball over. And that's nothing that has to do with play-calling, and everything to do with performance.

"We look at everything we do every week, even in the bye, even when we have a better record," Mornhinweg said.