Man Up: Peters, Wells and the O-line

DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin combined for 236 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns on Sunday. ( Ron Cortes / Staff Photograher )

Here's the weekly player-by-player look at how the Eagles' offense performed Sunday against the Jaguars.

Michael Vick- I went over his performance in-depth in yesterday's post. A couple things to mention quickly though. His accuracy on deep balls has been tremendous. And Vick's TD run was very impressive. He broke a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and then darted for the end zone to score.

LeSean McCoy- He only had 11 carries, but averaged 4.9 yards per carry, totaling 54 yards. McCoy had a nice 13-yard run in the fourth where he broke a tackle, switched the ball to his outside hand and showed good awareness to stay in bounds. McCoy had some good moments as a blocker. On the 16-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles kept McCoy and Owen Schmitt in to block. Jaguars defenders, anticipating the running backs would be going out into pass routes, were stuck in no man's land. McCoy had a good blitz pickup against Sean Considine on the Vick TD run.

Mike Bell- He got five carries, and the 9-yard scamper was his best of the year. Bell couldn't convert on a pair of short-yardage opportunities - a 3rd-and-2 and then a 4th-and-1. It's a hard thing to judge, but it looked like he had some room, especially on the second carry. He lined up as a fullback and got a carry in the second. Bell had a very good blitz pickup on the 45-yard touchdown to Maclin in the third. He was on the field for nine snaps by my count.

Owen Schmitt- He looks pretty sure-handed through two games. Schmitt made a nice catch for 2 yards on a low throw to convert a 3rd-and-1 in the first. He was on the field for one-third of the offensive snaps.

Winston Justice- He had ups and downs in pass protection. Aaron Kampman gave Justice problems on a couple of occasions. Justice provided good protection on the 45-yard TD to Maclin. A Jaguars zone blitz fooled him in the third. DE Derrick Harvey dropped back into coverage and Considine blitzed, rushing right past Justice and sacking Vick from the blind side. In the run game, Justice did a good job on McCoy's 6-yard run in the first.

Nick Cole- He played the first 18 snaps at right guard before Andy Reid pulled him because of a knee injury. Cole's problems early on were in pass protection. Harvey went right by him on a third down. And Terrance Knighton beat him for a sack. Cole did a decent job on a couple run plays - a 6-yard carry by McCoy and a 4-yard carry by McCoy.

Reggie Wells- I'm not buying the argument that protection sured up when he was in the game. Wells was probably the Eagles' worst lineman after he entered. In fairness to him, Wells hasn't been here long and will probably need some time to get acclimated. He was beat by Kampman during the Eagles' final drive of the first half. And Knighton went right around Wells as another defender sacked Vick in the third. Knighton also went around Wells on a third down in the fourth. And he was driven back by rookie Tyson Alualu in the fouth on a McCoy run that went for no gain. Wells was also whistled for a holding penalty.

Mike McGlynn- I thought he played well. McGlynn did a nice job on McCoy's 6-yard run and Bell's 9-yard run. He seemed capable in pass protection too, and there seemed to be less confusion on blitzes and other disguised defensive looks. The one play where he got beat pretty badly was by Alualu on first down during the final drive of the first half.

Todd Herremans- Solid performance from Herremans. He did a good job in pass protection on the 45-yard throw to Maclin. Herremans also made a decent block on the 15-yard screen to Brent Celek. In the run game, he made a nice block on the 5-yard McCoy run in the third. Herremans had trouble on one third-down pass play in the second, matched up against Alualu.

Jason Peters- He was probably the Eagles' best offensive lineman. Peters was matched up one-on-one quite a bit with Kampman and clearly won that battle. He did a good job on the 25-yard completion to DeSean Jackson in the second and an even better job on the 45-yard TD to Maclin. He threw a block on the screen to Celek that picked up 15 and looked good in the run game on a 5-yard McCoy carry in the third. And, it has to be said, no penalties!

Brent Celek- The great effort to battle defenders and pick up 15 on the 3rd-and-14 play was vintage Celek. He also picked up a big first down for 21 yards during the Eagles' final drive of the first half. Celek did have a drop at the beginning of the third quarter. He had some good moments as a blocker. Nice cut on Harvey to help Justice out when the Eagles were pinned back deep in their own territory. Celek and Jason Avant combined to block Kampman in the second. Celek also made a nice block on a McCoy 5-yard carry. Not sure what happened on the play where he and Jackson ran into each other.

Garrett Mills- He was on the field for nine plays but did not have a catch. As a blocker, Mills had a good chip on 3rd-and-19 when a pass interference call gave the Eagles a first down.

DeSean Jackson- Earlier this week, I wrote a glowing piece about the start he's having. So now let's be a little critical. Jackson was a little careless in not getting his feet down in bounds during the first drive of the third quarter. It would have been a first down, but the Eagles got one more play and then had to punt. On 3rd-and-15 in the third, he made the catch but ran backwards and didn't pick up the first down. Jackson usually has tremendous awareness, but not on that play. He was also called for a personal foul penalty on special teams. Overall, he's their biggest playmaker and makes the offense go. Jackson is impossible to cover on crossing patterns and might be the biggest downfield threat in the league.

Jeremy Maclin- His total of four touchdowns through three games matches last year's number. Not only did Maclin have the 16-yard touchdown at the end of the second, but he also had the 14-yard catch to set up the score. Interesting formation in the second when Maclin lined up like a tight end and had to slow down Harvey on the right side of the formation as Vick rolled to his left. He should have caught the deep ball down the sideline in the second.

Jason Avant- Quiet game for Avant without a catch. He chipped a blitzer on the 61-yard TD to Jackson. Avant lined up next to Celek like a second tight end on a Bell carry in the second.

Riley Cooper- He was on the field for seven snaps and didn't have a catch.

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