Man Up: McCoy stands out on offense

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy had a good showing Friday night against the Jaguars. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

went through the defense in Saturday's post. Here's a rundown of the offensive players.

I have notes on all of the starters and several of the backups, but I did not do every player.

For the MTC newbies, Man Up is a weekly feature I do all season after re-watching the games.

Kevin Kolb - I wrote about him at length in Sunday's post. Overall, I liked his awareness in the pocket and his ability to make accurate throws on the run. On the flip side, there were a few questionable decisions.

Michael Vick - He had some very good moments, including the deep ball to Riley Cooper for 46 yards and the 20-yard touchdown run. He also had a couple turnovers and threw behind Cooper over the middle. The question for me is: How are Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg going to decide when to insert Vick into the game once the regular season starts?

LeSean McCoy - His performance really stood out when I took a second look. The numbers - eight carries for 30 yards - do not tell the story. McCoy has been talking about how he strengthened his lower body in the offseason. He broke tackles on a 3-yard run early in the game and a 9-yard carry at the end of the first quarter.  On a 2nd-and-1, he showed excellent patience for a 5-yard gain, and overall, he did a good job following Leonard Weaver. We saw McCoy line up as a receiver multiple times, although he did not have a catch. Some stand-out moments as a blocker as well. On the 26-yard throw to DeSean Jackson, McCoy did an excellent job helping out Jason Peters on the left side. And with the Eagles backed up in their own end zone, McCoy got a good block on DE Derrick Harvey, allowing Kolb to find Jason Avant.

Leonard Weaver - Strong showing for Weaver, as well. Good blocks on McCoy runs of 4 and 9 yards, respectively. A textbook example of how to pick up a blitzer vs. ex-Eagle Sean Considine during the second drive. Weaver was called for a holding penalty, which I thought was questionable.

Eldra Buckley - He ran like we've seen him run in the past and looked OK as a blocker. I liked his hustle to bring down the Jaguars defender after the Vick fumble.

Charles Scott - I guess he is working exclusively as the second-team fullback. Scott did not have a carry at all, which was surprising.

Jason Peters - Overall, Peters did an excellent job in pass protection. There was one play where he was driven back, and Kolb had to scramble, but other than that, an encouraging performance.

Max Jean-Gilles - He was OK. There were two runs - one for no gain and one for a yard - where it looked like Jean-Gilles didn't do a very good job. He did a nice job on the 9-yard McCoy run though. In pass protection, Jean-Gilles was beat on the one play where Kolb had to shuffle to his left before finding Jackson downfield.

Mike McGlynn - I think we saw early on why the coaching staff has been giving Nick Cole the nod at center. There were a few run plays where it looked like McGlynn didn't do a very good job. He did team up with Jean-Gilles to open a hole for McCoy's 9-yard run. I thought McGlynn was better in pass protection, although it looked like the line was slow to react on a stunt by the Jaguars, where Kolb was forced to run out of bounds. Didn't see any mishaps with the snap, and the Eagles ran multiple plays out of the shotgun.

Stacy Andrews - Ups and downs for Andrews. Overall, I didn't think he was too impressive, but it was a little tough to tell where he was at fault and where there was just general miscommunication on the line. In the run game, he did not do a good job on a couple plays - one a loss by McCoy and the other a gain of 1. On one play, it didn't look like he was able to finish his block on the Jaguars' linebacker at the second level. He did a good job on the 9-yard run by McCoy. In protection, Andrews looked slow to react on a third down where he had no one to block before going over to help Winston Justice late. He was beat on the incompletion to Jason Avant in the end zone. His protection was good on the 12-yard throw to Celek and the incompletion to Maclin in the end zone.

Winston Justice - He had a pretty good back-and-forth battle with Jaguars defensive end and former first-round pick Derrick Harvey. Harvey got the better of him on the incompletion intended for Avant in the end zone. But Justice did a good job on the deep pass to Maclin and the 12-yard completion to Celek. In the run game, Justice tried to cut the Jaguars' defensive tackle, but missed, allowing him to make a play on McCoy after a gain of 3. He did a good job on a 4-yard McCoy run.

King Dunlap - I had a difficult time evaluating him. He looked OK to me. It'd be valuable to see Dunlap go against some first-teamers in the preseason to see what kind of progress he's made.

Austin Howard - He had some very impressive moments, including the block on Vick's touchdown run. He seemed to be better in protection than the run game.

Brent Celek - He couldn't hang on to the pass in the end zone, but other than that, had a good showing. Celek caught a 12-yard pass on a third down and did a good job as a blocker. He blocked a Jaguars LB on a 4-yard McCoy run and a 9-yard McCoy run. He also did a decent job when asked to stay in on pass protection.

Clay Harbor - He saw some time with Celek on the first team. Harbor looked confused at times and didn't really have any moments that stood out as a blocker. He didn't get any passes thrown his way.

Cornelius Ingram - He saw limited action. It didn't look like he did a good job in pass protection in the third. I didn't see a pass thrown his way either.

DeSean Jackson - I wrote about him at length right after the game. When I re-watched, I noticed the reaction of the defensive players on the sideline after Jackson's run on the end around. Those guys were as excited as everyone else.

Jeremy Maclin - He had the big 29-yard catch in the first quarter. And it looked like Maclin did a decent job as a blocker on the end around to Jackson.

Jason Avant - Little thing that makes Avant the player he is: On 3rd-and-5, once he realized Kolb was running, he turned around and blocked just enough of the linebacker who was covering him to allow Kolb to pick up the first down.

Riley Cooper - He made a nice catch on the 46-yard pass from Vick down the near sideline. I also like watching Cooper on the inside routes where he can use his size, like the 12-yard reception. No cornerback in practice has been able to stop him on those. There was another pass that was thrown behind him that he had a shot at.

Kelley Washington - He nearly came away with a blocked punt in the first quarter. As a receiver, he drew a 33-yard pass interference penalty in the second quarter and looked like a capable downfield blocker.

Chad Hall - His chances of making the team are better now than they were Friday afternoon. I'm still not sure there's going to be a spot for him though. Looked good on the 22-yard run around the right edge.

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