Man Up: Examining the O-line struggles

Jason Peters (right) says he knows he needs to improve this year. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Here's a player-by-player look at the Eagles' offensive performance against the Bengals.

I went through the first three quarters and have write-ups on every member of the first team, plus many of the second teamers.

Kevin Kolb - I detailed his performance in Saturday's post. Overall, though, I thought Kolb played well. I'm impressed with his accuracy on the move. And I think it's going to take time for him and the offensive line to develop a chemistry. That throw to Jason Avant in the end zone is the one he'd like to have back. And while he hasn't been picked off in two games, he's had at least two throws that could have been intercepted.

Michael Vick - The first seven pass plays when Vick was the quarterback in the second half: interception, sack, 12-yard scramble, sack, incompletion, incompletion, interception. Not good. He completed more passes to the Bengals (2) than the Eagles (1).

LeSean McCoy - The running game did not look good. McCoy carried six times for 20 yards, but 17 of those came on one play. On the other five carries, he had just 3 yards. There were a couple plays where he had Leonard Weaver as the lead back but didn't use him. On one, it resulted in a short gain. On another, it resulted in the 17-yard gain. McCoy couldn't pick up a 3rd-and-1, but it didn't look like he had much of a shot. The direct snap in the red zone just looked awkward. Weaver sort of ran into him. As a blocker, he did not do a great job, whiffing on a chip before going out into his route on an early play.

Leonard Weaver - He got four touches - three carries and a reception. The catch was on a screen pass, with Weaver picking up 8 yards. He was also called for a false start penalty.

Eldra Buckley - With Mike Bell's inability to get healthy, Buckley's role could be a lot more significant now than it was three weeks ago. He ran with the second team and had a nice 14-yard run in the third quarter. Overall, four carries for 19 yards.

Charles Scott - He had one carry this week, which is one more than he had against the Jaguars. Scott's primary role is as the second-team fullback. He had a decent block on Buckley's 14-yard run.

Brent Celek - He stayed in as a blocker quite a bit and did a good job in pass protection. Celek's 14-yard catch over the middle with a couple minutes left in the first half was his only reception and his only target. 

Clay Harbor - He entered the game with the first team in two tight-end sets. Harbor generally stayed in to block or chipped and then went out into his route. On the 3rd-and-1 play, Harbor and Celek both lined up on the left outside Jason Peters, and the blocking created no room.

Cornelius Ingram - I didn't see him on the field in the first three quarters. 

Jason Peters - "Coming into the game, they must have told the referees to make emphasis on it,"Peters told the Daily News, in reference to being called for two illegal formation penalties. That reasoning would hold more weight had Peters not led the team with 11 penalties and 78 penalty yards in 2009. From a blocking standpoint, it's hard to single out one player, but Peters did not impress in the run game, along with the rest of the line.

Max Jean-Gilles - The Eagles tried to run behind him on the 3rd-and-1 play, and the entire left side of the line got beat. He got to the second level nicely on a McCoy run, but found no one to hit. On the screen to Weaver, Jean-Gilles missed his block on linebacker Keith Rivers, or the Eagles could have had a bigger gain. On the bright side, I thought he did a nice job in pass protection.

Mike McGlynn - He seems much more comfortable in pass protection than in the run game. I didn't see any problems with the snap, but there was definitely confusion among the linemen, both in the run game and the pass game. It's really a toss-up right now as to who is going to start at center in Week 1.

Stacy Andrews - Bengals lineman Jonathan Fanene pushed him on his butt and hit Kolb on the first pass play of the game. Credit Andrews for coming back at him on the very next play and taking Fanene down. On the 3rd-and-1 play, Andrews was asked to pull, but by the time he got to the left side, several Bengals were in the backfield. Andrews did a good job in pass protection on the 7-yard throw to Jackson. The DT went right past Andrews on a short Weaver carry in the second. Ups and downs still with Andrews. There are times when he looks like he's made major improvements and times when he looks like a liability.

Winston Justice - He and Kolb will need to develop a chemistry. When Justice blocks defensive ends upfield, Kolb sometimes creates pressure by backpedaling or rolling to his right. On the direct snap to McCoy, Justice lined up outside Peters at left tackle. The line had just one lineman to the right of the center, plus Celek. Justice was also called for an illegal formation.

King Dunlap - Vick was sacked on one play where the defensive lineman got between Dunlap and guard Dallas Reynolds.

Austin Howard - Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap went right around him, sacking Vick in the third.

DeSean Jackson - He proved once again that he's the Eagles' biggest weapon, and it's not really close. Jackson had four catches for 74 yards and drew a 10-yard pass interference penalty. Good job by Jackson to keep working on the 28-yard reception where Kolb bought time and found him down the near sideline. Interesting that Jackson lined up in the slot on the 3rd-and-10  throw that resulted in a near-interception.

Jeremy Maclin - Three catches for 16 yards before leaving the game with a shoulder contusion. Maclin's got to protect the ball on the fumble where he reached for the first down.

Jason Avant - Kolb missed him on the potential touchdown in the second quarter. His touchdown catch was nullified by a Peters penalty.

Hank Baskett - He replaced Maclin with the first-team offense. Baskett played primarily in the slot with the second team.

Riley Cooper - Quiet game for Cooper. Two catches for 22 yards. Only one 6-yard reception through the first three quarters.

Kelley Washington - Played with the second team and didn't have a catch. I think I've got Baskett ahead of him at this point in terms of making the roster.

Chad Hall - He lined up in the backfield with McCoy on one play with the first team. It was a third down in the second quarter and Hall just went out into his route. I was surprised he didn't get a single carry. Hall had two catches for 9 yards late.

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