Man Up: Justice tremendous in run game

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance against the Bears Sunday night:

Donovan McNabb - He played well, making good decisions and fitting the ball into some very tight spaces. McNabb completed 23 of 32 passes for 244  yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Very nice throw on a 21-yard completion to Brent Celek in the first. He looks more comfortable than he ever has throwing the slant. McNabb completed a couple to Jeremy Maclin. Of course, he was also picked off, trying to complete a slant to DeSean Jackson. McNabb made a great play in the second, stepping up to avoid pressure and finding Jackson for a 20-yard gain on 3rd-and-14. He later completed a 16-yarder to Maclin on 3rd-and-15. Beautiful throw to Jackson on the 48-yard touchdown. And a great read and throw to Jackson over the middle to pick up the first down late in the fourth quarter on 3rd-and-6.

Michael Vick - For the first time all season, we have something to say in this space for Vick. The 34-yard run was one of the most exciting plays of the game as Vick made Danieal Manning miss to pick up extra yardage. As I mentioned in the short yardage post, the threat of Vick helped LeSean McCoy pick up a 3rd-and-1 as he froze Adewale Ogunleye for a second. He looked hesitant on the pass to Celek, but I like the idea of him throwing it once or twice a game to show defenses the threat is there.

LeSean McCoy - I focused on him in my post-game blog. He ran tough. He showed he can pick up short yardage and break off long runs. And he picked up yardage after contact, which is something we haven't seen him do much this season. It wasn't one of his better performances as a blocker, but he wasn't awful. McCoy did do a good job helping Celek block Ogunleye on the touchdown to Jackson. Twenty carries for 99 yards and the game-winning score. Can't really kill him on the fumble. I've voiced my concerns with the way he carries the football all season, but he had two hands on it when Charles Tillman stripped him. Love that he bounced back and came up with the game-winning score.

Leonard Weaver - Great job as a blocker on Vick's 34-yard run. Not much of a factor with the ball, carrying three times for 9 yards and catching a couple for 12. He was whistled for a false start in the third.

Eldra Buckley - He got in the book with one carry for no gain.

Winston Justice - I don't know what got in to Justice, but he was an absolute beast in the run game. By far his best performance of the season in that area, and I don't even think it's close. Great block on Vick’s 34-yard run and several others, including McCoy's 3rd-and-1 conversion in the third. Not just adequate. He was taking guys to the ground. In the pass game, he was solid as usual. Really one of the great stories on this team this season.

Nick Cole - Cole was OK. He got beat on a couple pass plays and was decent in the run game, although he didn't really stand out as much as some of the other guys.

Jamaal Jackson - He really had some outstanding plays in the run game. Like everyone else, he did a good job on Vick’s 34-yard run. He showed some athleticism, getting to the next level on McCoy’s 14-yard run in the first quarter. Jackson also got out in front on Avant's touchdown. In the pass game, he got turned around a couple times, once on a stunt where Tommie Harris sacked McNabb, and another on a delayed blitz by Lance Briggs, although McCoy probably had a hand in that one too.

Todd Herremans - He too did a solid job in the run game. Nice block on Avant's touchdown. He also was in there on McCoy's 17-yard run where he fumbled, and Herremans did just enough on McCoy's game-winning touchdown run. He got beat a couple times in the pass game.

Jason Peters - Tough to really give a one-liner on Peters' performance. If he was playing injured, the guy deserves credit for gutting it out. But if this were him at 100 percent, it'd be considered a disappointing performance. Peters did a nice job on McCoy's 14-yard run in the first, and also on Jackson's TD. However, he was called for a pair of penalties - a false start and tripping. He got beat on back-to-back plays in the second, one which led to a sack.

Brent Celek - One of his best performances as a blocker all season. Celek blocked Ogunleye during Vick's 34-yard run. He also was lined up against Ogunleye (with help from McCoy) on Jackson's TD pass. To be honest, he made too many blocks in the run game to mention them all here. Really an impressive effort. As a receiver, Celek caught four balls for 35 yards. He had a big 21-yard grab in the first quarter.

DeSean Jackson - What more is there to say about the guy? Unbelievable stat from Al Michaels that the 48-yard touchdown was his shortest of the season. I really like the little things Jackson does that show his high football IQ. Like in the third when he took an end around 10 yards and made sure to tiptoe in bounds and pick up the first down. He had a huge 10-yard catch over the middle to convert a third down on the game-winning touchdown drive. I think we can all get over the fumble, right? Jackson has 16 catches in the last two games. He had 14 in the previous five. Great to see them getting him the ball more.

Jason Avant - Four catches for 26 yards and a touchdown. You have to give the coaching staff credit for the first score. Well-designed play and flawless execution. Avant started on the right side, went in motion, got a chip on the DE, made the catch and then followed his blockers to the end zone. Also love his effort as a blocker. Good job on a screen to Jackson during the game-winning drive. The guy gives full effort on every down. 

Jeremy Maclin - A solid performance from Maclin: six catches for 64 yards. Looks in sync with McNabb on the slants, and the Bears' DBs were giving him quite a cushion. Nice 16-yard grab on 3rd-and-15 in the second.

Reggie Brown - No catches, but thought we'd include him since he was on the field. Alex Smith was also not in the box score, but did play.