Man Up: Cole leads Eagles' D

Eagles defensive end Trent Cole led a banged-up defense against the Redskins. (Clem Murray / Staff Photographer)

If you missed the offensive breakdown, here it is.

And now the player-by-player analysis of the Eagles' defensive performance against the Redskins:

Juqua Parker - The Redskins had some success running to his side in the first half, but the Eagles' rush defense tightened up in the second half. Parker did a good job pressuring Campbell in the second half. On one play, he got to Campbell, which nearly led to a Quintin Mikell interception, but the Eagles' safety couldn't hang on. Parker also pressured Campbell on fourth down during the Redskins' final drive.

Jason Babin - Nice hustle to chase down Rock Cartwright on a screen play in the first quarter. Babin also did a good job on a couple of run plays, and at one point, was asked to drop back in coverage and stick with fullback Mike Sellers. Didn't do much as a pass rusher, although it didn't seem like he had a lot of opportunities.

Mike Patterson -The DTs were the main reason the Redskins averaged just 3.3 yards per carry. Patterson got blocked on a 6-yard Cartwright carry in the first, but played well otherwise. He did a good job to stuff Campbell on a QB draw in the third.

Broderick Bunkley - Really good performance from Bunkley. He made some impressive plays against the run. As a pass rusher, he batted down a Campbell pass in the second and got good pressure up the middle on another play, before tripping over Trent Cole and leaving the game with an injury. He later returned.

Antonio Dixon - He was called on to fill in when Bunkley went down and made a couple very nice plays. Dixon blew up a Cartwright run in the first, quickly getting in the backfield. And he stuffed a Redskins run in the fourth. Underrated addition by the Eagles.

Victor Abiamiri - Oddly, Abiamiri's pressure led to a couple big plays for the Redskins. He did a good job rushing from the interior, but couldn't wrap up Campbell, who found Devin Thomas for a 35-yard gain on third down. Later, he did the same thing in the red zone, but Campbell escaped the pressure and found tight end Fred Davis for a touchdown.

Trevor Laws - He usually is part of the defensive tackle rotation, but I don't remember seeing him out there at all on Sunday. Laws might have gotten a play or two that I missed, but was not a factor.

Trent Cole - He was the Eagles' best defensive player yet again, and it wasn't really close. Good, consistent pressure from the edge throughout by Cole. He helped force several rushed throws, including Campbell's second interception. Campbell had chances for big plays to Antwaan Randle-El and Santana Moss, but Cole's pressure helped to force incompletions. Cole's sack came on the last play of the first half. He did a good job against the run also.

Darren Howard - He was quiet once again. Howard has gone without a tackle in three of the last four games and has just half-a-sack in his last 10.

Chris Clemons - It seemed like Clemons was on the field less than usual. He was out there on the last drive.

Will Witherspoon - Witherspoon was good this week. He made some nice plays against the run and did a good job in coverage as well. He missed a tackle on a 13-yard Quinton Ganther run in the third, but was solid otherwise.

Tracy White - Every week, White surprises me with his ability to chase down running backs. He made a couple big third-down stops in the second half. White blew up a screen in the third and brought down Cartwright to give the Eagles' offense the ball back for the game-winning drive. 

Joe Mays - He started the game at middle linebacker, but it was mostly Jeremiah Trotter after the opening drive. Mays left Davis and went after Campbell on the touchdown in the third.

Jeremiah Trotter - He played most of the game at middle linebacker and did a pretty good job. Trotter made a couple nice plays against the run, including one stuff of Cartwright in the second quarter. There was confusion on the touchdown to Moss. It looked like Macho Harris was expecting help from Trotter on the inside.

Chris Gocong - Another quiet game from Gocong. He had just one tackle for the second week in a row.

Sheldon Brown - It was clear at times that Brown's mentality was to give a bit more of a cushion this week and not get beat deep. He made a great tackle on a WR screen to Thomas and made a really nice play in run support late in the fourth. Brown couldn't get much air on the 35-yard pass to Thomas, and he got beat by Moss on a third-down slant in the third, but let's remember that he's playing injured.

Asante Samuel - Do you accept the trade-off? Tackling for interceptions? I think I say yes. Although given his contract, it is fair to want both. Samuel's two first-half picks both led directly to Eagles field goals.

Macho Harris - He looked good last week, but not here. Harris made no contact with Moss on the slant in the end zone. It looked like the Eagles were in some type of zone coverage on a 29-yard pass to Davis. Harris was the man closest to the Redskins' tight end, but he missed a tackle. He did come up with a big play to trip up Randle-El short of a first down on the Redskins' final drive.

Sean Jones - I thought this was one of Jones' better performances. He did a nice job in run support throughout the game, finishing with five tackles. I also liked the hustle on Washington's first drive. Jones brought down Randle-El short of the end zone after it looked like he had a clear path. Of course, Campbell would end up running it in shortly thereafter, but still a nice play.

Quintin Mikell - Decent job by Mikell. Like Jones, he also did a good job in run support. In coverage, he did a nice job to stick with Moss on the outside on one play, but dropped an interception. Ganther made him look silly in a one-on-one situation in the first, and Mikell was one of several Eagles to miss a tackle on Davis' 29-yard catch.

Quintin Demps - Not much of a factor when he was on the field. Demps was lined up one-on-one in coverage with Thomas, giving up a 13-yard catch on a 3rd-and-9. He also missed a tackle on Davis' 29-yard grab.