Looking Forward to seeing AI? Don't Be

It seemed exciting: Allen Iverson's (second) return to the Wachovia Center. Sure, he wasn't going to be starting, but he is still Iverson, coming back to Philadelphia. It would still have been interesting to see what kind of ovation he received from the crowd (my assumption is loud and enthusiastic) when he checked into the game in the first or second quarter.

Forget it. The Pistons just announced they are shutting down Iverson for the rest of the season because of his back injury. Whether that means he will even travel for tomorrow's game, I'm not sure.

Here is the quote from Detroit's President of Basketball Operations, Joe Dumars: "After talking with Allen and our medical staff, we feel that resting Allen for the remainder of the season is the best course of action at this time," said Dumars. "While he has played in our last three games, he is still feeling some discomfort and getting him physically ready to compete at the level he is accustomed to playing this late in the season does not seem possible at this point."

Yes, I'm aware that of late Iverson has been saying how difficult he found coming off the bench. This morning I was watching First Take (you know, that ESPN show) and ESPN's Chris Broussard said it would be surprising if Iverson got more than the mid-level exception next season, somewhere in the $5 million range, and quite possibly he might only garner the vet minimum.