Lingerie Football in Philly

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Well, sort of. It depends on how you feel about Trenton as a part of the greater Philadelphia area.

The Lingerie Football League has no issues with the concept, having awarded a franchise to the Philadelphia Passion, an underwear-wearing team that will play two home games in Trenton's Sovereign Bank Arena, on Nov. 6 against the Miami Caliente and Dec. 11 against the Tampa Breeze.

I guess there would be many ways to characterize the LFL, but this great country of ours was founded on the concepts of free enterprise and ladies' undergarments, so who are we to argue with the tenets of capitalism?

If someone you know and perhaps love would like to play tackle football in her top-drawer thingies, there will be an open tryout, combine, mini-camp for prospective players on Wed., May 13 at the United Sports Complex in Downingtown.

That tryout session is also open to the public, and I'm sure it will be quite an interesting crowd that shows up.