Goodell: No final decision on Vick

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell insists there is "no change" in Vick's playing status. ( David Maialetti / staff photographer )

Roger Goodell is heading over the mountain, in the parlance of training camp, for his much-anticipated face-to-face meeting with Michael Vick, after which, he said, he finally will determine Vick’s future in the NFL.

Of course, considering that, in the wake of the Vick’s bang-up birthday bash, Goodell has allowed Vick to report to training camp and participate as if nothing ever happened, any action on the commissioner’s part seems highly unlikely.

“I haven’t announced a decision, have I?” Goodell said.

No; however, through a spokesman, the league last month said that “There is no change in his playing status.”

So, ostensibly, unless Vick talks himself into a suspension, he should remain active.

Goodell spoke with reporters after today’s practice. Then he held a fan forum near the practice field, the thrust of his eight-city bus tour to promote the league in advance of anticipated labor strife.

Meanwhile, Vick – who expected to meet with the commissioner in the locker facility next to the practice field – waited, until, finally, he went back to campus for team meetings, dinner and the organizational barbeque.

Goodell was whisked from the fan forum back over the mountain to the campus where he is expected to address the team as a whole this evening, and meet with Vick.

Vick is scheduled to speak about that meeting after tomorrow morning’s practice. Goodell could issue a statement by this evening or sometime tomorrow in which he definitively decides whether Vick will face punishment for his actions last month.

To review: Vick threw himself a birthday party at a club in Virginia Beach, at which he reportedly engaged in an altercation with an accomplice in Vick’s dogfighting conviction.

That accomplice, Quanis Phillips, who also was convicted and served time in prison, later was shot in the leg near the club soon after Vick left the party.

Vick was cleared by police of any involvement in the matter. Police say they know who the shooter is but cannot build a case because witnesses will not cooperate.

Vick was suspended by Goodell for four regular-season games last season, his first back in the league after his prison term.