Flyers' No. 1 pick doesn't lack confidence

   In Friday's first-round of the NHL draft, the Flyers selected 18-year-old Sean Couturier, a 6-foot-4, 197-pound center who hopes to earn a lineup spot this season.

   Hey, the kid doesn't lack confidence.

   The high-scoring Couturier was drafted with the eighth overall pick, acquired from Columbus Thursday in the Jeff Carter trade.

   A native of Phoenix, Couturier had 36 goals and 60 assists in 58 regular-season games for Drummondville in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League last season. His plus-55 rating was second in the league.

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    Here were Couturier's thoughts in a conference call after he was selected on Friday:

      Q.    What was your initial reaction when you heard your name called?
You  were projected in the five spot.  You fell a little bit.  But what was
going through your mind while you were sitting there?
      SEAN COUTURIER:  I was just enjoying the moment.  I'm really happy to
be  part  of  the Philadelphia Flyers.  It's a great honor.  I mean, it's a
wonderful day.

      Q.  What do you know about the organization?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   I  mean, they have a lot of history.  It's a great
team, big guys.  I'm looking forward to being part of it.

      Q.   Sean,  was  it tough sitting there after those picks went by and
not having been selected?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   Not  really.   Anything  can happen in a draft.  I
mean,  once you get to camp it's a whole new story.  I'm looking forward to

      Q.  Were you getting nervous?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   Yeah,  for  sure.   Since  I got at the rink I was
nervous, so it wasn't any different.

      Q.   Today  after  they  traded  away  two  centers, did you like the
thoughts of there being an opening there?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   Yeah, maybe, but I think it's going to be up to me
to  work  hard  this  summer  and  show what I've got.  I can't control the
decision after that.
      But my main goal for sure is going to be part of the team.

      Q.   The  Flyers  didn't have any picks coming into this draft in the
first round.  Did anybody talk to you from the organization this year?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   No, actually my first meeting was yesterday, so it
felt  pretty  special knowing they just moved up.  I knew they had a lot of
interest,  but  like  you said, anything can happen in the draft.  I didn't
really know what to expect.

      Q.   Was there anything that they said that made you think they would
pick you?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   Not  really.  It's tough to get a feeling with all
the  teams.  I mean, everyone's had different opinions, and I didn't really
know what to expect.

      Q.  (Indiscernible)?
      SEAN COUTURIER:  Yeah, I haven't really had time to think about that.
It's pretty special just being part of the Philadelphia Flyers.  I'm really
looking forward to getting there.

      Q.   Have  you  set a goal for yourself or path for yourself of where
you  want  to  be  this time next year?  I mean, obviously you're signed up
with the Flyers, but do you have any thought on when you want to be there?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:  For sure my main goal is going to be to try to make
a  spot  on the roster.  We'll go from now and work hard, keep working hard
during  the  summer  and  improve myself and be ready for camp.  Once I get
there, I just want to show what I've got.

      Q.   When  you're  a  top-rated guy, you often think about going to a
team that's struggling.  Now the Flyers move up and grab you.  What does it
mean  to  be  playing  for  a  team  that  could  be contending right away.
Especially when you see what happened to Tyler Seguin this year?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   Yes,  I  haven't  had time to think too much about
that.   But  it's  pretty  special  to  be on such a great team and a great
organization.  I'm looking forward to going there.

      Q.   Reflect  back  on  your  junior  career and how that helped your
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   Yeah,  I  was  really  lucky to be part of a great
organization my three years in Drummondville were awesome.  They treated me
well.   They  helped  me  a lot in my development and I thanked them.  It's
probably one of the reasons why I'm here today.

      Q.  How far do you think you are from making it to the NHL?
      SEAN  COUTURIER:   I haven't really talked to them too much.  I mean,
me  personally  I've  got to get stronger overall physically and improve my
explosiveness,  my  skating.   But there is still a lot of work to be done. We'll see in training camp.

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