Eagles run/pass ratio won't change with Kolb

The run/pass ratio will not change with Kevin Kolb. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Donovan McNabb made a funny at his introduction-to-Washington press conference on Tuesday when he said the Redskins would run a more balanced offense than the Eagles did. He said, "...the things they were able to do with that offense (under coach Mike Shanahan in Denver). Obviously that starts with the run game. Probably a lot of you who came from Philly don't know much about that part, the run game. We will run the ball here. We've got three solid running backs that are very effective and have done well with their given teams."

Nobody has the energy to re-have the run/pass debate today. The truth is, Reid did change a bit last season and threw a more balanced attack out there, with pretty good success. But this much can be said: for all of the people who think that Andy Reid is going to run the ball a lot more and try to protect Kevin Kolb somehow, well, it isn't happening.

That is the conspiracy theory: that Reid did a disservice to McNabb all of these years by not giving him enough weapons and by not running the ball enough, and that he will protect Kolb by comparison. The numbers, though, suggest otherwise.

It's a small sample, true enough. But if there was any time that Reid was going to protect Kolb, it was when he was pressed into service after McNabb broke a rib in last year's season opener. And, well, you decide.

In Kolb's two starts, he threw the ball 64.2 percent of the time.

In McNabb's 14 starts, they threw the ball 58.1 percent of the time.


When will the Eagles’ moves at quarterback erupt into a full-blown controversy?

Yes, they threw more with Kolb; heaven help us.