Eagles head coach Chip Kelly on quarterbacks, Jaylen Watkins, New England Patriots

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly spoke to reporters on Sunday at practice. Here is the full transcript:

Q. Anybody banged up from Friday at all?

CHIP KELLY: From the game itself, no. We anticipate a few guys coming back from last week that didn't play in the game. [WR Riley Cooper] is going to practice a little bit today. [DT] Bennie Logan is going to practice today. So, getting some guys back, but nobody had anything that will keep them out for a long time from the game.

Q. RB Matthew Tucker and LB Casey Matthews both came off.


Which young player has the biggest upside?

CHIP KELLY: Casey should practice by Tuesday, and Tuck's going to see what he can do. We're anticipating him coming back this week.

Q. Have you been to Franklin Field before?

CHIP KELLY: Yep, I was at the Penn Relays actually this past April.

Q. But not for a football game?

CHIP KELLY: No, I’ve never been here [for a football game]. No, I went back when Penn played Columbia when I was coaching at Columbia for a freshman game.

Q. What were some of the issues with the first-team offensive line in the game?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, we were prepared. They sat and played the entire game with a four-down front. They didn’t do anything scheme-wise. The thing that hurt our offensive line to be honest with you is we got too many penalties. We were moving the ball and two of the penalties we had negated big gains for us. We had a pass to [TE Brent] Celek that was a big gain that we had called back and that was a critical one, and we had another one where we had a receiver trying to release and he gets a face mask trying to get around the corner. It's a point of emphasis, and it should have been called. But obviously, when you get that many penalties to start, you're only out there for three series and I think they had three penalties. So the screen pass that we got some yardage on, we got a holding called on the back side that wasn’t necessary. Penalties are the one thing that really hurt those guys up front.

Q. Is there a value in connecting players with the franchise history? Did you talk to your players about the history here?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, they're aware of it. I think we always talk about the tradition and what the Philadelphia Eagles are all about. Obviously, the turnout you have here is awesome and to get a chance to get out with all the fans. To play in a special place like this, it's neat for them to understand the history of the team.

Q. Is there anything specific in the next two days you need to accomplish before you go to New England?

CHIP KELLY: Yeah, obviously, two days ago was the game. That's why we're not in full pads today. There are a lot of things we can work out from the Bears game from a correction standpoint. Tomorrow will be more of a walk‑through practice, and then we'll go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with the Patriots. Usually we're on our own on the day before the game, but we did it last year and did a lot of situational work with them. There will be a lot of physical play on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are a lot of corrections that can be made from the game against the Bears. That's what we're trying to get accomplished in the next few days.

Q. QB Mark Sanchez was very good in New York with the hurry‑up offense, and you guys do something similar. Is there something about him as a quarterback that allows him to do it or is there something about him that makes him good?

CHIP KELLY: I don't think he ran a hurry‑up offense in New York.

Q. I mean, when he did hurry‑up, he was generally pretty good.

CHIP KELLY: That's news to me. I didn't watch it. I just think Mark's a real quick thinker and he makes decisive decisions and is very athletic. When you watch him drop, he's got some pop in his feet when he gets on top of his drop and goes through his progressions and he gets the ball out quickly because he’s got a real quick release. We were excited when we had a chance to get him. He's played 68 games in this league, so it's not like you're getting an untested guy. He took his team to two AFC Championship games so there is a lot of experience there.

I just think the one thing you're starting to see is he's healthy. I think as I told him right after he did it, if anybody has any questions about his arm rehabbing after the throw he made at the end of the first half, I think it was 68 yards in the air. He's back, he's excited about playing football and we're really glad we got him.

Q. Were you able to decipher anything about QB Nick Foles’ performance?

CHIP KELLY: No, there is not one thing. It's just the combination obviously in that whole group and everybody contributes to it. The penalties set us back. We were moving the ball a little bit. To have two big gains negated because of penalties, so we're not getting into rhythm. On the one throw on second-and-four, he probably should have just thrown in away. I think he's trying to make something happen in that situation, and he knows that. We had a twist game on the other interception where he got moved off his point a little bit, but he's still got to set his feet and throw the ball. Sometimes you don't have to complete every pass, sometimes an incompletion is better than an interception. Those are just lessons that he'll learn from.

But that is the one thing about Nick is he always ‑‑ when he's put in a situation where he makes a mistake, he usually bounces back and doesn't make that mistake again.

Q. Any of the second or third team guys stand out from the rest of the pack that surprised you a little bit?

CHIP KELLY: Not than what we've seen, but there were a lot of good efforts out there. I thought Brandon's [Graham] pass rush in that second group really created some havoc in there there. Vinny [Curry] was in the backfield a lot, and Beau Allen I thought did a really nice job in the run game, and so did Brandon Bair in the run game. So those are two guys there. I thought [Zach] Ertz did a good job in the passing game. Still has a lot of work to do from a blocking perspective, but was a guy in the passing game that did some good things for us. The biggest thing we're looking for now is consistency, because guys have done, hey, that's a good play, but the next one's not so good. So we need to continue to make the positive plays and stay away from the negative plays.

Q. It seems that Beau Allen has some pass-rush skills.

COACH KELLY: Yeah, he does.

Q. Is that something you guys knew and you realized he was that skilled in that area?

CHIP KELLY: He didn't play in a two-back defense until his senior year, but you saw some of that when he was in a four-man front. The ability to do both, I think is what attracted us to him. But he does for 335-pound guy, have some suddenness to him and he’s got a knack and feel of how to win the hand battle up front. It's just impressing when you have a nose that has a little bit of a pass rush to him. I think it's a bonus of what he brings to us.

Q. Where there a multitude of things that happened on Nick’s interceptions?

CHIP KELLY: There were a multitude of things. The first one, there was a twist game up front and didn't get a good chance to set his feet. He was throwing off his back foot. Then on the second one, we tried to run a naked play. We didn't do a great job of sealing the the end for him and he got out, but didn’t really get to the perimeter, and just really learn that situation, and you've got to throw the ball away. 2nd-and-4, we wanted a positive yard, we’re actually in field goal range ‑‑ we talk about no sacks, no turnovers and no penalties when we get in the red zone. To not come away with at least some points, that’s a killer for us in that situation. Just learning to play the next round. Get to 3rd and 4, and see if you can make something from that.

Q. Does G.J. Kinne have a legitimate chance to make this roster?

CHIP KELLY: It all depends on what goes on in the rest of camp. The other thing you don't know is injuries. So you've got to have a couple quarterbacks in there. I think both those guys the same thing. Matt goes in and I think had a 13‑play drive over 90 yards to go out and score a touchdown and throwing the ball on time, but then he makes a mistake.

We come out after our special teams create a positive play and recover a the fumble and we're at the 37 yard line and we go out the first play and throw a pick. It's about understanding and taking what the defense gives you in that situation. And same thing I talked about in Nick’s situation, you can't get greedy. You don't have to make it happen. Let’s play the next snap and move on, we’re in positive territory.

So part of it with both of those guys, they made some plays we were excited about, but they also made plays where I don't know if they're forcing it or trying to impress everybody, but they've got to learn that they've got to let the offense work with them. They don't always have to make it happen, they’ve got to let it happen.

Q. What did you see out of Jaylen Watkins? He seems like he had some ups and downs.

CHIP KELLY: Same thing, first game in professional football for him. He's obviously got a lot of talent. He’s a multi-position player for us as a corner, safety, plays a little nickel for us. But it's his first time getting out there and got beat on the one pass play. Then came back and made a big interception. We talked to all of those guys. This is an opportunity to learn from what you did and get your first taste of it, and how do you respond from that is the big thing really.

Especially for some of these young guys. What happened on Friday, is it still going to affect what happened on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Really excited about getting up and practicing for the Patriots. Gets you out of that mode right away because we get a chance to go again on Tuesday.