Eagles Coy, but Westy Should Play

       Your Eagletarian isn't much for coy answers to simple questions.

       Koy was seldom coy, oddly enoughIf I wanted Koy, I'd call up the former holder and backup quarterback.koi, however, can be kind of coy

       Brian Westbrook made it through the entire Eagles practice Friday with the ankle strain he suffered Sunday before last against the Steelers. Westbrook has been dinged many times during his seven-year Eagles career. I can't remember Westbrook ever practicing full-go on Friday and then not playing on Sunday. Yet, the Eagles are listing him as "questionable" for this week's encounter with the Redskins. Asked his feeling about Westbrook's chances of playing, Eagles coach Andy Reid said: "Well, he's questionable."

     Prodded further, Reid allowed that his franchise running back was "able to get through everything, and it looked like he did well. We'll just see how he feels later today and then tomorrow. Most importantly, we'll see how he feels on Sunday."

    Westbrook was not available for comment.

   The bottom line, right now, anyway, would seem to be that Westbrook is a likely participant, after missing last week's 24-20 loss to the Bears, but it's much more doubtful that he will be 100 percent. Reporters have been able to watch Westbrook's Thursday and Friday practices, and nobody saw him make a sharp cut, either day. But as long as he doesn't do further damage to the ankle, just having Westbrook out there has to help the Eagles, because the Redskins have to account for him.

Who is the best hope for the Eagles against the Redskins?

  • 932 (49.2%)
  • 296 (15.6%)
  • 109 (5.8%)
  • 558 (29.4%)
  • 1895

    By the way, the Birds also list tight end L.J. Smith (back) as questionable, even though he practiced all week and has every intention of playing. But you'll be relieved to know that Donovan McNabb (chest), who also practiced all week, and never was in danger of not playing, is "probable."

     One more Friday Eagles note: A white line of adhesive tape now runs between the locker stalls of defensive ends and good friends Darren Howard and Trent Cole. One side is labeled "Hatfields," the other "McCoys."

     "We're feuding," Howard explained. "He always has his shoes and stuff over on my side. I just had to draw the line. Enough is enough!"

    Gosh, you really hate to see the locker room divided like that. Pretty soon you'll see players taking sides, theEagles locker room soon will look like this Trent Cole (left), and Darren Howard (right)sloppier guys who tend to have 30 or 40 pairs of shoes sympathizing with Cole, the neatniks sympathizing with Howard. Could get ugly. Can't we all just get along? Or at least, get a shoe rack? 

                           this might stop the madness