Donovan McNabb on Michael Vick, Eagles' playcalling

Donovan McNabb critiqued Michael Vick and the Eagles on NFL Network. (Matt Rourke/AP Photo)

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was on the NFL Network's NFL AM on Monday and discussed the Eagles. He did not say anything inflammatory or that wasn't true, but considering McNabb's history with the Eagles and specifically with this current regime, what he says carries validity. Here are his unedited comments on the Eagles:

On Vick's performance: "I just think it's a bad day at the office. If you look at the preseason, he wasn't able to get into a rhythm and get his feet up under him. This was another preseason game for him. I think Marty Mornhinweg will do a great job for him of getting his feet back under him and getting his confidence back. I thought he lost his confidence throughout that game. Walking off the field with his head down, that's just not like Michael Vick. Michael Vick's a guy who keeps his head up, continues to motivate the rest of the guys. I thought he lost his confidence early, which led to more and more turnovers all throughout the game."

On Vick throwing 56 times: "I think that was just a bad decision overall. I thought they should have ran the ball a little bit more. Shady McCoy did a great job of running the ball with over 120 yards rushing. And whenever you get in that position, you got to take the ball out of his hands and put it into the guy that's hot. If you run the screens, if you're running the ball or if you throw the shovel pass, do something just to get that confidence for Michael Vick. Continue to throw and throw and things aren't going well, you put your team in a bad position."


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On whether Vick's performance was a cause for concern: "I don't think it's a cause for concern. I think the most important that we need to focus on is what's going to happen next week. They're playing a tough team with a tough defense next week, and I think now you go into the gameplanning, are we going to throw the ball 30, 40 times, or are we going to set it up with running the ball now. Because I think it's important you find out the mental makeup of Michael Vick this week. You're coming off a four-interception game, now what are you going to expect? Are you going to come back and think you're going to throw your way out of a slump, or just kind of get into a rhythm. I think it's important that Marty Mornhinweg and Andy Reid do a great job of getting his confidence by doing a three-step to five-stop game to get him back on course."