Dancing Broncos leprechaun shames non-believers

Rocky, the Colorado Leprechaun. (Matt Romanoski/Philly.com)

NEWARK, N.J. -- To you, he may just look like a man dressed as a leprechaun in jubilant Broncos colors. But he'll be the first to tell you that he is actually, literally a leprechaun, as he reminded a reporter who is probably now cursed or something.

“I’m Rocky, the Colorado Leprechaun,” he stated authoritatively, as normally as one would state that they were an accountant or salesperson. “I’m the super fan cheerleader. Not just a super fan.”

Super fans, as we all know, are those willing to adopt a whole new personality based on their fandom for a single team, like the Jets’ Fireman Ed or the Hoggettes in Washington. But those people are hacks compared to what Rocky does.

Apparently, he is totally different.

“Super fans are the guys that get dressed up just in costumes. I’m the worker," Rocky said. "And when I get to New York, just as I have at the last three Super Bowls [in which the Broncos have played], I set up a special Broncos fans headquarters.”

So intense is Rocky's loyalty that he does not even acknowledge the Super Bowls in which the Broncos did not play. Broncos fans are invited to stop by Mustang Harry’s and Mustang Sally’s on 7th to join Rocky in his claimed territory.

“How’d you get started doing this?” he was asked.

“I’m a leprechaun,” he replied. So genuine were his attributes that the Colorado State Lotery employed him to be the face of their "Pot ‘o Gold" scratch game.

“I’m from Ireland originally,” he reminded everyone. “But I live in the mountains, I live in Evergreen, Colorado, that’s where leprechauns are from. The only time I wear orange and blue is to support the Broncos, the rest of the time it’s a normal leprechaun outfit.”

This is Rocky’s sixth Super Bowl, which is one shy of the Broncos’ total appearances. After three losses, he has seen two consecutive wins - a sign that the luck he is supposed to have at all times is finally kicking in.

But even a leprechaun’s luck can’t fix the weather, given the NFL’s selection of venue for Super Bowl XLVIII. Rocky stared out at the floor, where a horde of media-types had piled up on top of each other in front of Peyton Manning.

“Football… is an outdoor sport. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, it should be that kind of game. Although, I’ll always like going where it’s warm.” He tittered a Celtic titter, and disappeared into the bleachers.

Media Day is weird.