Clausen Will Win the Heisman

Jimmy Clausen will win the Heisman.

Not Mr. Perfect Tim Tebow. The Florida senior will win his third national championship trophy.

Not Sam Bradford. The Oklahoma senior won it last year, so people will instinctively vote for someone else. If Roger Staubach didn’t win back to back, Bradford won’t either.

Not Colt McCoy. The Texas QB will feel the pressure and also split votes with Bradford and Tebow in the South and Southwest.

Not Daryll Clark. He is the most overrated quarterback on the most overrated team in the country, plus he has no offensive line and no receivers. He throws lollipops, not darts.

Not Terrelle Pryor. He can’t pass either and will have to play wide receiver in the pros. He’ll get some votes because the Big Ten is so soft. A big game – and a big win -- against USC could change that. But I’ll draft Matt Barkley before Pryor right now.

Jimmy Clausen will win the Heisman.

He is not Rick Mirer, with the Golden Boy cover headline on the cover of Sports Illustrated. That Golden Boy was deer in the headlights. Clausen made some big mistakes when he was too cocky as a freshman, but he has been groomed for this since he audibled coming out of the womb. The kid has every throw in the book, especially in the red zone. He handled two years of hell. Now is his time.

Jimmy Clausen will win the Heisman.

By the time USC comes to town with Barkley on Oct. 17, Notre Dame Clausen will be averaging 350 yards and four touchdowns a game.

By the time the Irish finish the regular season 10-2, he will better Brady Quinn’s junior year stats and get an invite to New York.

Jimmy Clausen’s position coach is Ron Powlus. Beano Cook said Powlus would win two Heismans before he graduated. (At least he has a t-shirt that reads: Notre Dame 31, National Champions 24) … Well, Powlus can get to hold this trophy, and if Clausen doesn’t come out early, Powlus may have a chance at watching his apprentice win two.

Clausen has two explosive wide receivers. Golden Tate is only a step slower than Rocket Ismail. Michael Floyd will be playing on Sundays, too, and catches everything near the goal line.

Charlie Weis’ offensive schemes helped the Patriots win Super Bowls and put Quinn in an elite group. There were doubts about Quinn’s skills. They don’t apply to Clausen.

Of course, to win, something must go wrong for the Big Three, Tebow, Bradford and McCoy, and Clausen has to run the table the way Matt Ryan almost did a few years ago.

ESPN had a poll of “experts” and Clausen did not get one top five vote. There were 13 names on the list.

Go ahead, haters, tweet away. I’ll make reservations for New York in December.