Chip: Great respect for Andy

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

Eagles coach Chip Kelly addressed reporters Tuesday for the final time before Thursday's visit from Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs. Asked about the return of his predecessor, Kelly said: "I have great respect for Andy. If you're a coach in the NFL, anybody head coaches in one spot for 14 years, you kind of look to them and say, 'Holy Smokes!' If you just walk down these hallways and look at the championships, the division championships, the conference championships, what he's done, he's had a huge impact on this organization ... there's not a lot of guys out there in this profession that carry themselves, from a coaching standpoint, when you get a chance to be around them, like Andy Reid."

Kelly said what his players had said on Monday -- that while Reid's knowledge of players he drafted and developed will be helpful, those players are working in entirely different schemes now, so the benefit will be limited.

Other topics covered:

*Kelly said offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is the guy in the booth who tells him when he ought to challenge. Kelly is 0-for-2 on challenges this season. But his challenge Sunday of whether San Diego receiver Malcom Floyd kept both feet down as he caught a ball at the sideline seemed worth mounting. Video evidence was not sufficient to overturn the ruling on the field.

*Kelly said he and his assistants began working on the KC gameplan Sunday night.

*General manager Howie Roseman seemed to indicate on his radio show Monday evening that pass rusher Vinny Curry, productive during the preseason, might be active this week. Kelly was noncommital. "Everybody's competing for positions on this team," he said.


How will fans at the Linc greet Andy Reid?

*Kelly said Reid has added the pistol formation to his offensive repertoire this season, and is taking advantage of QB Alex Smith's mobility..

*Asked if he has concerns at corner, where Brandon Hughes is now out with a hamstring problem, dampening any boost from the return of Bradley Fletcher from a concussion, Kelly said: "We've had concerns since we got here." He did not indicate a permanent move from the slot to a starting role for Brandon Boykin was likely, though Boykin has been the Eagles' most effective defensive back through two games.

*Asked why Kansas City has been so effective defensively -- the Chiefs rank fourth in the NFL through two games -- Kelly said nose tackle Donatri Poe, who has four sacks, is a big reason, along with outside linebackers Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. The Chiefs also have something the Eagles could very much use, a two-time Pro Bowl safety in Eric Berry.