Bruins fans: Beer, popcorn, condoms, oh my.

Scott Hartnell, Danny Briere, and Ville Leino stand in front of a crowd of Bruins fans. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Since the advent of professional sports, Philadelphia has – fairly or unfairly – been the epicenter of black eye stories about fan conduct at games.

Look at this year’s Phillies season alone: both the idiot fan that induced vomiting on an 11-year-old girl and the 17-year-old that needed to be corralled via taser for running onto the field at Citizens Bank Park made national headlines.

On a slow news day, the taser run-in even led Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show.”

What about other cities? Is the lewd and deplorable behavior in other cities, arenas and stadiums publicized, too? Or is it just Philadelphia?

Flyers fan and blogger Adam Gonsiewski attended last night’s Flyers and Bruins Game 5 at TD Garden in Boston.

Full disclosure: Gonsiewski invaded Bruins territory in a Flyers jersey, specifically with Simon Gagne’s name and number on the back.

Entering foreign lands wearing the opponent’s gear, Gonsiewski said he expected to be hit with verbal abuse, taunts, and even a stray beer or two.

That’s normal, he says. To quote his blog: “Beer cups, french fries, ketchup, popcorn – that’s all expected.”

How about being hit with condoms?

Gonsiewski has photographic proof here.

Understandably, the natives were getting restless in Boston. The Bruins are on the verge of choking on a 3-0 series lead, blowing a chance to return to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1992. You know, back when Sea Bass – better known as Bruins star Cam Neely, who played Sea Bass in legendary flick "Dumb and Dumber" – and Ray Bourque still played for the B’s.

Gonsiewski also added a picture of the beer cups that littered the ice before the players could even exit the ice. Classy.

That’s all well and fine. Beers, french fries, ketchup and popcorn – Philadelphians, of all people, get that. And even expect it.

But condoms? Gonsiewski cracks that Boston fans probably "have no better use for them." But do we need to add contraceptives to the list of approved objects to throw at opposing fans and chalk it up to a society with changing morals? Where is the line drawn?