Andrews back at practice, Curtis sits out

Eagles right tackle Shawn Andrews will return to practice today, coach Andy Reid said.

Reid said Andrews will work with the scout team, working back in, and the team will monitor his progress from there.

Andrews' back tightened up during the fitness run at the start of training camp and he has not participated in practice since, although he has recently been doing rehab work on outdoors after spending most of training camp working inside. Andrews returned to California to visit Dr. Robert Watkins, who performed surgery on his back last fall, about a week-and-a-half ago. Watkins found no structural damage, and Andrews said he received two injections during the visit. 

"It’ll be good to get him back out there," Reid said. "He hasn’t been able to do any football-related drills or anything, so we’re just going to take it nice and easy here and see how he does here. He went through the eight-on-eight and it looked like he made it through there okay. We’ll just take it day by day here and see how everything works out.”

Reid would not commit to whether Andrews would play Thursday night againt the Jets, although it seems unlikely that he would. The starters are not expected to play, although some potential starters might at certain spots where position battles remain.

“I want to see how he does here this week," Reid said of Andrews. "That’s not what I’m really set on right now. I just want to see how he progresses through the week ... We are dealing with [Shawn’s] back here and I want to make sure that we handle it the right way.”

"The reason I had him working with the second group there and going with the scout team is so he doesn’t go out there and do something crazy with the first group there," Reid said. "We’ll just ease him into it and see how he does this week. I don’t know exactly where he’s at football wise right now because he hasn’t been able to do it."

The other news is that wide receiver Kevin Curtis will not participate because of knee inflammation, although he is expected to return soon. Speculation has been that Curtis' surgically repaired groin was causing him problems.

"We’re just going to try and get the swelling out of there," Reid said. "It doesn’t look like it’s anything serious. A day’s rest here didn’t help him."

Reid said the surgery on Todd Herremans' left foot Friday went well and now it is a matter of how much time it will take to heal.

"This is just one of those things that’s going to take a little bit of time," Reid said, when asked about a target date for Herremans' return. "We’ll see what happens here in the next couple weeks. After two weeks they’ll reevaluate and see where he’s at.”

Guard Max Jean-Gilles has a shoulder strain. "We're going to give him a couple of days here for that thing to settle down," Reid said. Both Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole will get a chance to start the season at left guard.

Defensive end Darren Howard is still recovering from his groin strain. Linebacker Charleston Hughes will not practice with a foot contusion. Tight end Rob Myers has a groin strain and is undergoing an MRI.


Reid again said there was "a good chance" that Michael Vick would play against the Jets. Vick was in for six plays Thursday against Jacksonville and Reid was asked about the possibility for Vick to get into back-to-back plays, something he has not done yet.

“There’s a possibility," he said. "I just have to see as the week goes on here. I have confidence that he can do that. He’s played a couple of years in this league; he can probably put together two plays.”

Vick said he was at about 70 percent against the Jaguars. Reid was asked about that percentage today.

“I’m not very good with those percentages, but I thought it was just good to get him back in there just for the speed of the game," Reid said. "He came out healthy; you always worry about that that first game. I thought he handled himself well. He seemed poised, made a couple good reads. Like he mentioned to you, he had one that wasn’t quite as good, but it looked like he threw the ball when he had a chance, and when he ran, he outran the defensive end, so that’s a good thing. That’s a start.”


Unique opinions about Michael Vick seem to be found just about everywhere these days. One guy who is never shy with an opinion is UFC president Dana White, who vigorously defended Vick the other day following a press conference for UFC 102. (You will also note that White has a tendency to color his remarks with some bad words.)

White told Yahoo Sports that Vick has paid his debt to society and he hopes the quaarterback wins "nine Super Bowl" rings.

“I hope Michael Vick wins the Super Bowl, makes $3 billion and is the greatest comeback story in the history of sports, man,” White said. “When are they going to stop crucifying this [expletive] guy?

“This guy went to jail, OK? He went to jail. He lost all his money. What he did was terrible. The whole dog thing was terrible, but do you want to talk about a guy who has paid his [expletive] dues? Then he comes back and the NFL puts a suspension on him, too, after he gets out of jail.

“I think the guy has taken it on the chin like a man. You haven’t seen him bitch about it. … He walks out of bankruptcy court this morning, because he has to pay creditors back $20 [expletive] million and he walks out smiling and he’s going to play tonight.”