And then there was Stacy Andrews

One of the Andrews brothers is gone. But the other remains.

Stacy Andrews, after a disappointing 2009 on the field, is back at right guard for the Eagles -- the position his younger brother, Shawn, once manned for the team.

Last year at minicamp, Stacy Andrews was penciled in at right guard even though he didn't practice because of a torn ACL. This year, he's actually able to participate in all phases of practice.

"Last year, I was still rehabbing and really was getting no reps," Andrews said Sunday after the conclusion of minicamp. "The only thing I was getting was mental reps. This year, I'm there in it and going through everything. Getting a lot of reps, that's the main thing."

That's a good sign if the Eagles hope to have the one-time free agent they originally signed to a $38 million deal. Last year, Andrews hardly played. The Eagles said it was because his knee hadn't fully healed. Andrews had said it had to do with switching back to guard from tackle and learning a new system.

"It was a mixture of things," Andrews said. "It was me coming from an ACL [injury], learning a new a system and new technique. ... And I didn't get the off-season in."

Obviously unhappy with his production, the Eagles asked Andrews to take a pay cut this off-season. He agreed. 

"I got that out of the way," Andrews said. "I knew I wanted to be here. With the [pay] cut, that didn't bother me at all. I'm happy here."

It if weren't his brother, there's a good chance Andrews wouldn't have chosen the Eagles to play for last off-season. The two brothers wanted to finally play alongside each other, but it was not meant to be. Shawn injured his back during training camp, never played last season and was released in March.

"When he got released I was kind of down about it," Stacy said. "He's fine. He's doing good, so I'm doing good. Even though he's not here, I'm still upbeat about everything."

Stacy said that he spoke with his brother yesterday. He said Shawn still wants to play in the NFL. So far, there haven't been any takers as he continues to rehab. Stacy thinks his brother will catch on with another club.

"He will. No doubt," Andrews said. "He's a hard worker. He's been rehabbing hard. He's been putting in the work."