2013 U.S. Open: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott second round recap

Tiger Woods, from left, Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy walk down from a tee box during the second round of the U.S. Open at Merion. (Gene J. Puskar/AP)

After concluding their first round early Friday, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott returned to the course later in the morning for their second round. The world's top three golfers had everyone's attention, especially when Woods made a brief charge with a few birdies. But none was able to mount a serious move to the top of the leaderboard.

Woods finished the day with an even-par 70. for an overall score of 3-over.

McIlroy also finished the day with a 70, and the same overall score as Woods.

Scott finished the day with a six-over 76. for an overall score of 8-over.

Here's a hole-by-hole recap of how these three big stars fared in the second round. You can read our recap of their first-round performances here.

Through 18 (3:42 p.m.): After starting on the 11th hole, the trio finished with the 303-yard, par-4 10th hole.

Woods' first shot on the dog-leg left configuration was slightly conservative, but straight. He lifted his approach shot on to the green. Though he might have hoped for a bit of spin toward the pin, it was still a fine hit. The crowd tried to cheer the ball into the hole, but it came up short. Woods made the next putt to secure the par.

McIlroy didn't quite connect right with his shot, and landed in the right side rough. His second shot was very nice, bouncing at the edge of the green and landing a makeable distance from the pin. The birdie putt attempt rolled barely wide right - and kept rolling a few more feet. McIlroy made the next putt to par the hole.

Scott hit his tee shot to the right, but not as badly as McIlroy's. It landed in the fairway and rolled to the edge of the rough. He lofted his approach shot to within five feet of the hole, but missed the birdie putt. Scott made the par putt to put an end to a very difficult round.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +3, Scott +8]

Through 17 (3:23 p.m.): Woods opened the 236-yard, par-3 hole with a fine shot to the green. His birdie putt attempt rolled tantalizingly close to the hole, but turned to the right at the last second. He hit the par putt to stay at 3-over.

McIlroy landed in the rough short of the green, but in terms of distance it wasn't bad - and better to be in the rough than the sand or water on either side. His chip to the green went a bit far and rolled to the edge. McIlroy pushed the par putt wide right and settled for a bogey.

Scott hit the green with his first shot and gave the ensuing putt a good look, but it rolled a few feet wide. He ended up recording par.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +3, Scott +7]

Through 16 (3:08 p.m.): This hole, a 359-yard par 4, presented another opportunity for a low score.

Woods' tee shot ended up in rough off the left edge of the fairway. He was seen grimacing again after the shot, and he shook the left arm that had caused him some pain on Thursday. The approach shot was way off, missing the green and landing in deep rough. The chip was good, but landed far enough from the hole that the ensuing putt was a tough one. Woods hit it perfectly, though, and saved the par.

McIlroy's initial tee shot was nearly distracted by an insect, but after stepping out of the box he hit the ball right down the fairway. He pulled a wedge on the approach and hit the slope perfectly, landing his shot only a few feet from the pin. McIlroy hit the birdie putt to improve to 2-over.

Scott's tee shot strayed a bit to the right, and ended up in rough right at the edge of the fairway. His second shot landed on the green, but the sloping green made the ensuing putt a challenge. It rolled a bit to the right, and Scott took a par.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +7]

Through 15 (2:51 p.m.): The 360-yard, par-4 seventh hole offered a bit of relief after two long tests.

Woods shot straight down the middle and landed in the fairway. On his second shot, he hit the rough just off the green, and appeared to grimace right after the shot. That might have been just because it was a poor shot. But if that shot was bad, the chip out of the rough was worse - it caught the tall grass and barely went three feet. Woods got his next shot onto the green, but the hit wasn't much cleaner. At least he hit the putt, giving him a bogey.

McIlroy fired a bit to the right, but had enough room to stay in the fairway. His second shot landed comfortably on the green, though far from the hole. The birdie putt was a bit soft, and though it could have picked up speed near the hole it ended up short. He hit the putt to record a par.

Scott kept his shot straight and gave himself a good look for his second shot. The approach landed in the rough near Woods' second shot - and right next to some TV camera cables that were strung through the grass. His chip was very pretty, lofting high and landing comfortably close to the pin. The resulting putt gave him par and stopped the long string of bogies.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +3, Scott +7]

Through 14 (2:36 p.m.): Woods hit another clean tee shot on the 487-yard, par-4 sixth hole. His second shot reached the green, setting up another birdie chance with a putt from around 12 feet. It rolled a few inches wide right with a hard break.

McIlroy found the right side rough with his first shot, but recovered to hit the front edge of the green. The ball rolled back a bit, but left the Northern Irishman with a good approach look. He took the opportunity, chipping short but close to the pin, then made the par putt.

Scott was in a similar spot on the right side rough, and didn't get as clean a hit. He ended up short and a bit to the left, facing a tough slope on the green. The ensuing chip landed on the green and didn't roll too far, giving the chance for a tough but makeable putt. He barely missed it to the left, and took yet another bogey.

[Woods +2, McIlroy +3, Scott +7]

Through 13 (2:20 p.m.): Merion's fifth hole is a brutal one - a 504-yard par four. Woods and McIlroy secured par, but Scott bogeyed it - making the Australian +6 in the second round.

[Woods +2, McIlroy +3, Scott +6]

Through 12 (1:57 p.m.): The par 5 fourth hole provided some problems for McIlroy and Scott who both found themselves settled in a bunker.

Rory ended up everywhere that he did not want to be, eventually using six strokes to wind up with a bogey. Scott continued to struggle and also had to settle with a bogey.

Woods is beginning to hit some distance putts, putting in his second birdie in three holes to win the par-5 fourth.

[Woods +2, McIlroy +3, Scott +5]

Through 11 (1:35 p.m.): A short par 3, the third hole at Merion provides a good birdie opportunity for the players. All three greened their tee attempt.

Woods had a birdie opportunity but shot long. He was able to save par and remain even for the day.

McIlroy was able to hit a long putt to grab a birdie and climb to -1 for the afternoon.

Scott continued to struggle on par-3's, as he picked up a frusturating bogey here on three.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +4]

Through 10 (1:22 p.m.):  The course's second hole has been good to Tiger Woods thus far, as he was able to birdie the hole for the second time. The shot put Woods back to even for the day, as Tiger continues to bide his time.

McIlroy had an opportunity to pick up a strong with a long putt attempt, but he had to settle for birdie after his putt crept slightly right.

Scott was also unable to capitolize on a birdie putt and settled for par. A lot of missed birdie opportunities between the Marquee Group thus far.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +3, Scott +3]

Through 9 (1:05 p.m.): Tiger continues to put himself in position to capitolize on long-range putts, but he was again unable to. Tiger has only 5 total birdies up to this point. He had to settle for an even par here. Scott was also able to hit par, while McIlroy lost a stroke with a bogey effort.

[Woods +4, McIlroy +3, Scott +3]

Through 8 (12:50 p.m.): All three golfers hit the green in regulation on the par-4 18th. That was as good as it got however, as the notoriously tough 18 lived up to its legend, as the green proved difficult to approach.

The announcers kept stating that leaving the 18th green with an even par would be satisfying for the trio. Adam Scott and McIlroy were both able to finish the 18th with only 4 strokes. Woods however, did not fair as well, and was forced to take a bogey to put him +4 (total).

[Woods +4, McIlroy +2, Scott +3]

Through 7 (12:32 p.m.): After 3 fairly struck balls, only one, Scott's ended up on the green. Tiger's tee shot on this par 3 came off slightly to the left, while McIlroy's rolled well short of the cup.

Despite the distance of his first putt, Rory put himself in prime position to escape with par.

Woods hit a well-executed shot out of the rough to put himself in par position as well.

Adam Scott was forced to three-putt for bogey, despite being the only one to hit the GIR.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +3]

Through 6 (12:18 p.m.): The weather is clearly beginning to warm up in Ardmore, as all three of the players were down to their short-sleeve sets by the 6th hole of the second round.

Woods has been having difficulty finishing off mid-range putts, and the 16th was the same. Woods had a long birdie opportunity, but left it slightly to the left, and again had to settle for par.

McIlroy and Scott both pared the hole as well.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +2]

Through 5 (12:02 p.m.): All three were able to play the 15th hole to an even par. Woods does not appear to be pressing, rather just letting the game come naturally.

Adam Scott is also beginning to settle down after a shaky start to his Friday.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +2]

Through 4 (11:47 a.m.): Woods was clearly happy with his tee shot, as was Adam Scott. All three golfers hit the fairway off of the tee.

The green was especially quick on the 14th, which made short putts especially difficult. McIlroy lost a stroke by going bogey. Woods followed suit with a bogey of his own.

Adam Scott faired the best with a par putt.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +2]

Through 3 (11:22 a.m.): Again, all three golfers gave themselves a decent attempt at birdie on this short par 3.

McIlroy had to settle for par, while Adam Scott was able to reverse his fortune and gain a stroke back by hitting a birdie.

Woods studied his putt approach for what seemed like hours, desoite his ball's proximity to the hole. The concentration paid off, as Woods was able to cash in on a birdie.

[Woods +2, McIlroy +1, Scott +2]

Through 2 (11:13 a.m.): Woods' arm/wrist was clearly giving him some pain after certain shots, as was seen on his second shot here. It seems that balls off of the green are proving especially troublesome to Tiger. After two-putting, Woods finished with an even par.

McIlroy started the second round out strong, coming out with back-to-back birdies.

Adam Scott's troubles continued on the second hole, as he rimmed out a medium-length putt to finish with a bogey.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +1, Scott +3]

Through 1 (10: 00 a.m.): After slightly over an hour break after finishing up the first round, the members of the marquee Group were back out on the greens to begin the second round.

Woods made solid contact off of the tee, and all three golfers put themselves in position for a birdie opportunity. He had a nice putt approach, but a slight downhill slope caused it to run a little long. He was able to finish with an even par.

McIlroy was able to capitolize on a nice approach and landed a birdie to begin his second round.

Adam Scott also played the hole at an even par.

[Woods +3, McIlroy +2, Scott +2]

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