Dykstra bounces check to porn star / escort

Lenny Dykstra reportedly gave a fraudulent check to an escort in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Frank Franklin II/AP file photo)

LENNY DYKSTRA IS back in the news, and once again it has nothing to do with baseball.

The former Phillies outfielder has been accused of giving a porn star/escort a $1,000 check that bounced, according to a report.

RadarOnline.com reported that Monica Foster claimed that Nails gave her the check in exchange for companionship on Dec. 13 in a hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Dykstra never had any problem getting to first base on the field, so one wonders: How far did he get with Foster?

"I was hired strictly as his companion to have drinks and conversation," Foster wrote on her blog.

According to RadarOnline.com, Foster posted a copy of the bounced check allegedly signed by Dykstra, who has suffered major financial setbacks over the last few years.

Which brings up the question: Who in their right mind would accept a check from Lenny?

"He gave me a fake name when I met him, and eventually came clean as to who he was, because he wanted to seem impressive . . . ," Foster told RadarOnline.com in an interview. "If I had known who he was I wouldn't have gone with him. He is in so much financial trouble."

Foster explained further on her blog:

"The amount agreed upon PRIOR to meeting was not initially to be paid via a check and absolutely no illegal or sexual activity occurred . . .

"I understand that working as an escort is an 'alternative lifestyle' occupation - however I did not do anything wrong or illegal being that this man only paid me for my company and to have a few drinks with him."

Foster went on to explain on her blog that she went public so that other escorts won't be - you'll pardon the pun - nailed with bounced checks.

"Being that I most likely have little to no chance of ever recouping my losses from Lenny Dykstra I have decided to tell the truth about what happened . . . Lenny Dykstra WILL NOT EVER do this to another young woman if I can help it."

RadarOnline.com reported that it spoke to Moshe Mortner, Dykstra's attorney. Mortner reportedly told the site that Dykstra "couldn't be reached for comment."

- Tom Mahon

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