Les Bowen | The pick

IT'S TIME TO COIN a new saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three or four times, I must be a *&*%#$ idiot." I have picked the Eagles to win every week, except the opener at Green Bay, when I correctly deduced they were still working through some issues. Clearly, I didn't expect those issues to remain unresolved at the end of October.

If this were a normal Eagles season, you would expect them to beat a team with a one-dimensional offense and a defense ranked last in the NFL against the pass. This is not a normal Eagles season. If Brian Griese can go 97 yards on you in a minute and 52 seconds with no timeouts, anything can happen.

The Eagles still have talent. But they have become the kind of team that finds ways to lose. Even if they bottle up Adrian Peterson and finally solve the riddle of the red zone, somebody will think of something - they'll drop punts or forget to cover wideouts or give up a dozen sacks or get called for holding behind the play on a stirring Brian Westbrook touchdown run. They have become very dependable that way.


Vikings 15, Eagles 12. *