Burress to play against Eagles

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress got some good news about his badly sprained right ankle and then proclaimed that he would be in the lineup Sunday night against the Eagles.

"There's no question, I will play," Burress said yesterday.

The second opinion on the ankle showed it was nothing more than a bad sprain, and that Burress can continue his current course of treatment. Burress will continue practicing on a limited basis, about 1 day a week.

"When I feel good enough to go and practice, I'll practice," Burress said. "If I am sore, I'll have limited practice. I'll just gauge my soreness and manage it that way . . .

"It's really frustrating, because I really want to get out there and practice. That's what really makes me feel more comfortable going into the game on Sunday. I'm going into the games now a little more nervous and with a little bit more butterflies. But I think I've been playing long enough to go into a game understanding where I need to be."

Burress was examined on Wednesday by Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, N.C. His diagnosis of a serious sprain agreed with the diagnosis of Dr. Russ Warren, the Giants' orthopedic surgeon.

Burress sprained the ankle in early August in training camp and reinjured it against Green Bay on Sept. 16.

Ronnie Barnes, Giants vice president of medical services, said Burress will continue to receive electric stimulation on the ankle. The team also will explore other options, including changing his shoes or adding orthotics and braces.

"My goal is to get to the point where it is bearable on Sunday," said Burress, whose five touchdown catches lead the NFL along with New England's Randy Moss.

Burress has been a crucial part of the Giants' offense against the Eagles the past 2 years.

In the three games last season, he had 17 catches for 323 yards - a 19-yard average - and three touchdowns, including a winner in overtime in the second week of the season and two TDs in the wild-card playoff game. Since joining the Giants in 2005, the 6-5 speedster has 25 catches for 473 yards and four TDs in five games against the Eagles.

In other Giants injury news, running backs Brandon Jacbos (knee) and Derrick Ward (ankle) both were limited in practice. Ward indicated he expected to play, but the Giants seem less certain of Jacobs' status.

"He has just been cleared to practice, so we are just going to gradually work him in a little bit more; more conditioning work, that type of thing," coach Tom Coughlin said of Jacobs. *