Thursday, May 28, 2015

How long will it be before the storm is forgotten and it's back to politics as usual?


How long will it be before the storm is forgotten and it’s back to politics as usual?

Three or four days tops; it's too close to the election for Romney to sit quiet
  253 (34.8%)
Romney can't risk repeating his premature criticism of the Libyan embassy deaths
  47 (6.5%)
Not long; a FEMA mistake with the recovery will allow Romney to blast Obama
  124 (17.0%)
The goodwill from Gov. Christie's praise of Obama's storm efforts won't be erased
  304 (41.8%)
Total votes = 728
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Storm recovery will be the hardest part

Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | GRADUATION Upgrade at-risk help Even with the much-needed improvements in the graduation rates of youths under the supervision of the city Department of Human Services, 64 percent of juvenile justice-involved youths and 56 percent of foster children fail to graduate ("Dropout crisis has been lessened in city, study says," May 20). We must do more.
LET ME START by saying that this letter in response to Christine Flower's recent column is written with complete bias. However, my bias comes from knowing who and what I am writing about.