Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Is there still voter-ID confusion?


Are Pa. voters are still confused about whether they need to show photo ID at the polls?

Yes, law enforcement officials' support means people will listen
  102 (48.6%)
No, don't buy the notion that Pre-K deters crime
  94 (44.8%)
Yes, but it will have to await a better economic climate
  54 (25.7%)
No, Head Start-type programs have become a political football in Red State / Blue State battles
  80 (38.1%)
Total votes = 210
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Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | LABOR DEAL Own up, don't blame If my plane takes off at 2:00 but I arrive at the airport at 2:05, it is my fault that I missed it ("Carpenters ready and willing to work," Aug. 26). The Convention Center set a deadline for the unions. Two out of six missed the deadline. Whose fault was that?
Your recent editorial (“You Know the Drill”) paints an alarmingly incomplete picture regarding natural-gas development.