Friday, October 31, 2014
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Priorities for Pa. lawmakers?


What should be the top priorities for Pa. lawmakers when they return in January?

End stalemate over raising billions needed for road, bridge and transit repairs
  206 (28.9%)
Reform state pension system that threatens to bankrupt Pa.
  253 (35.5%)
Cut taxes, reduce spending further in the next state budget
  208 (29.2%)
Ignore Gov. Corbett's no-new-taxes pledge, and then restore safety-net programs he cut
  210 (29.5%)
Total votes = 712
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Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | PHYS-ED Get moving, kids After reading W. Douglas Tynan's column in the Health section, I was struck by how much news is really not news ("Exercise is good for children's brains, too," Oct. 26). In 2008, John J. Ratey, an internationally known psychiatrist, wrote Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. He discusses the value of exercise in various populations, particularly the effect on cognitive functioning in students. The data is overwhelming.
Every year the air gets crisp and the leaves change color, and I get suckered into the same debate: Should Muslims living in the United States exercise their right to vote, although the U.S. is not an Islamic state?