Monday, August 31, 2015

Punishing Student Drinking


Should high school students become ineligible for sports or other activities for bad behavior off-campus?

Yes, situation in Haddonfield had gotten out of control
  107 (18.5%)
No, schools try too hard to do what parents should be doing
  129 (22.4%)
Yes, teenagers must learn bad behavior has consequences
  374 (64.8%)
No, that's too harsh if bad behavior didn't occur at school
  87 (15.1%)
Total votes = 577
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High school students have civil rights, too

Letters to the Editor
Absurd politics Two facing op-eds in The Inquirer illustrate why people are tired of politics ("Time to raise awareness on student-to-prison pipeline," "Minimum-wage hikes help some while hurting others," Tuesday).
UNTIL THREE years ago, my wife and I were like a lot of immigrants: Drawn to the U.S. by jobs better than what we could find at home, we saw ourselves as outsiders - temporary resident aliens, as the government called us. Even living in Washington, I followed U.S. politics with detachment, the way you'd watch a football game between two schools in states you've never been to. When our friends back home in Canada asked if we planned to stay, we'd shrug and joke about the weather being better.