Saturday, November 28, 2015

Presidential Debates


Does it matter whether women and minorities moderate the presidential debates?

Yes, it's important as inspiration to young people aspiring to be journalists
  16 (8.1%)
No, the questions are what matters, not what the questioner looks like
  67 (34.0%)
Yes, the moderator's gender or ethnicity could give him or her greater insight on some issues
  40 (20.3%)
No, ideological diversity matters more, get a conservative moderator
  74 (37.6%)
Total votes = 197
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Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | PA. POLITICS Broken promise When questions arise as to why we have fewer and fewer people voting in nearly every election, Gov. Wolf is a perfect example. One of his primary campaign pledges was that he would require natural-gas extraction companies to pay a severance tax. We are the only major gas-producing state that does not have such a tax.
UNTIL THREE years ago, my wife and I were like a lot of immigrants: Drawn to the U.S. by jobs better than what we could find at home, we saw ourselves as outsiders - temporary resident aliens, as the government called us. Even living in Washington, I followed U.S. politics with detachment, the way you'd watch a football game between two schools in states you've never been to. When our friends back home in Canada asked if we planned to stay, we'd shrug and joke about the weather being better.