Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Will secret grand-jury hearings solve the city's no snitchin' problem?


Will secret grand-jury hearings solve the city’s no snitchin’ problem?

Philadelphia court reforms could include replacing some hearings with grand jury proceedings.

Yes, witnesses will be able to remain anonymous until the actual trial
  143 (25.8%)
No, criminals will learn soon enough who dimed them out
  180 (32.5%)
Yes, but only if coupled with a crackown on those who threaten witnesses
  278 (50.2%)
No, wrong to deny defendants the chance to confront their accusers in open court
  118 (21.3%)
Total votes = 554
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Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | PRIORITIES Party, not study? Isn't it ironic that city politicos are assuring one and all that, if the Democratic Party honors Philadelphia with its 2016 convention, they will have no problem raising millions to fund the event ("Asking donors to back '16 bid," Nov. 17)? At the same time, no one seems able to fund the education of the future participants in the electoral process. It seems to me that our priorities are just a little askew.
Rich Fortino writes that many elections are being influenced by noncitizen voters. Could he explain the mechanics of just how that happens?