Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Are Mitt Romney's views like an Etch A Sketch?


Are Mitt Romney’s views like an Etch A Sketch?

Yes, he flip-flops more than a fish on a hook
  492 (63.1%)
No, he’s just had to tailor his remarks to win votes
  176 (22.6%)
Yes, but at least he admitted making the dog ride on the car roof
  117 (15.0%)
No, did a solid job as Mass. governor
  220 (28.2%)
Total votes = 780
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Romney's not the only Etch A Sketch campaign

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AS FAITH LEADERS from across Pennsylvania, we are proud to publicly support Planned Parenthood and the essential care they provide. As providers of pastoral service in our houses of worship and faith communities, we trust Planned Parenthood to offer quality reproductive health care and educational programming, and we know that their mission and work is consistent with the teachings of our various faiths.