Ergs Play Final Show

The quote that best sums up The Ergs final Philly show friday night seems to be "it's never going to be the same again, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing." That's right, The Ergs, perhaps this region's best pop-punk band will never grace Philadelphia again with their sweet jams about love gone sour.

The two opening bands, The Aneurysm Rats (which featured Colin McGiniss from None More Black) and Lighten Up, were great, although they both swayed more into the hardcore sector of punk rock, which seemed like an odd choice for The Ergs.

Shortly after the "near sighted three" took the stage, opening with "First Song, Side 1" and "A Very Special Song for a Very Special Young Lady Pt 2," the first two songs from their album Dorkrockcorkrod, after which tearing right into "Introducing Morrissey". The crowd was right up against the band, to the point where some fans where hit on the upswing by Mikey Erg's drum cymbals. There was only one setlist for the band, and it rested on Mikey Erg's bass drum, where Jeff and Joey Erg were not able to see it. Therefore, for the entire set Mikey would tell Joey and Jeff the next three songs they were playing. They went through all of their more popular songs, including "Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama," "Running, Jumping, Standing Still," "Upstairs/Downstairs" "Books About Miles Davis" and "Bike Shoppe."

The audience was really energetic throughout the show, even with people crowdsurfing in the tiny space given. At one point Mikey asked the crowd if they wouldn't crowd surf, because every time someone does he "feels like [he] might die." They dedicated their song "blahblahblahfuckyoublahblahblah" to New Brunswick, later on also dedicated "Man of Infirmity" to Dan Yemin of Paint it Black, who was in attendance.

In spite of the fact that this was the last time they would appear in Philadelphia as The Ergs, there really wasn't a somber attitude to the night. Every person had a smile on their face, and their fist in the air through the entire set, although when they closed with "Extra Medium" and Mikey thanked the fans for making this one of the "coolest shows they've ever done," it seemed to hit the audience that this wouldn't happen anymore. One person even yelled "there's at least 3 people here who don't want you to break up!"