Jester Red UGG Boots = PHUGGS. Hotness!

As part of my personal campaign to make Phillies' red the city's official hue because of its ties to fashion - think former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, Louboutins, and Chanel lipstick,  I've decided that today I will celebrate Jester red UGGS, that Philadelphia Phillies Phans and Phasionistas lovingly refer to as Phillies UGG boots or PHUGGS.

Today, my colleague, Amy Rosenberg wrote a front page story about the growing number of women Philly fans, in it she talked to 46-year-old Dawn Donahue who "sported red ugg-type boots (PHUGGS)"  Who cares if these boots were probably knock-offs? What matters is these rubber-soled ruby treasures were that beautiful, uncompromising shade of Phillies red.

However, Donahue's fashion statement did get me to thinking about the real deal, so I called UGG Australia's New York office this morning and learned that the company has offered a red boot off and on since 2004 when the company created one especially for Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City. This year, however,  UGG Australia added the clearest beautiful shade of fire engine red they cleverly refer to as Jester red.  (Maybe they had a crystal ball about the Phillies dynamite season, who knows?) UGG red comes in several different styles including the classic style Bailey Button for $150, the Dakota slipper for $100 (this puppy has a rubber sole, is fully lined in sheepskin and can be worn outdoors.) The knee-length Delaine for $160 and the UGG shearling earmuff. I'm a little more than mildly interested in $90 Evera sneaker. Think Chuck Taylors. I want a pair.