Monday, August 3, 2015


Letters to the Editor
ISSUE | PAPAL VISIT Sins of imposition SEPTA's announcement of a lottery system for papal passes is just the latest abuse Philadelphia residents will have to endure on the weekend of Sept. 26. Transit riders now need to hope to win a lottery - in which the prize is getting to pay a surcharge - in order to get to work that weekend.
RAHA MOHARRAK was 25 when her parents said it was time for her to marry, but she decided she wasn't a toaster - as in "Ping! It's ready" - the Saudi Arabian woman told a U.S. audience recently. "I wasn't ready." Nor was she interested in giving up her job, car or independent life in Dubai, or up for the demeaning ritual in which "you get all dolled up, get onstage and dance at a wedding, and wait for some mom to see you and say, 'She's good for my son.' "