Diversity has been lacking at Philly's July 4th concerts | Readers Respond

Mayor Kenney, what’s going on with the entertainment for the Wawa Celebrate America concerts? This year, the headliners were Mary J Blige and Boyz II Men. There was also the Philly POPS Big Band featuring Mandy Gonzalez, Tony DeSare, and Luis Figueroa. Most folks, I bet, never heard of these entertainers.

Last year, the entertainment was Leon Bridges, Leslie Odom Jr., Yazz the Greatest, and the O’Jays. These are all black entertainers. I see a trend developing here. Last time I checked, Philadelphia had a 40 percent white population. Now, don’t get me wrong. Many of us like these entertainers, but some of us actually like country music.

We spend money in the city, pay taxes in the city, go to restaurants in the city, etc., and we want to see entertainers we enjoy. So, Mayor Kenny, how about you throw us a bone next year and book say, Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith, Larry the Cable Guy, Florida Georgia Line, or Reba McEntire, just to name a few? Remember, Mr. Mayor, we must all strive for diversity.

James Brown, Havertown

Toomey abandoning his state

Kudos on your well written, expertly designed Sunday editorial “Toomey on wrong side,” concerning Sen. Pat Toomey’s disregard for voters in the commonwealth in supporting the proposed Republican health care plan.

Toomey has spoken out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to the opioid problem. He accuses Gov. Wolf of exaggerating the impact of Medicaid cuts and ignores the possible loss of insurance protection for more than 20 million Americans.

Toomey is being deceitful to the voters of Pennsylvania. Having been reelected in November, he has a long time before accounting for his actions at the polls. But hopefully he will reconsider his reluctance to help many of the people who voted for him

Sy Levy, Plymouth Meeting, hifisy@comcast.net

Enjoy fireworks from distance

The Inquirer is to be applauded for publishing “Fireworks safety tips” Monday, but you erred in not including a leading factor in fireworks accidents: alcohol and drug use by the participants. There is only one safe way to enjoy fireworks: watch public displays put on by professionals and monitored by fire departments.

Paul L. Newman, Merion Station

Trump cartoon was genius

Signe Wilkinson’s July 2 cartoon shows her mastery of the craft. Like a mime, she made her point without words or labels. President Trump depicted as a toupée-wearing Tweet logo was sheer genius, an instant laugh.

A second take told a more serious truth: the demeaning of our nation, i.e. the flag, by steady, rude, and crude Trump tweets, which fall like droppings on paper covering the bottom of a cage.

Phillip Dykstra, Southampton

Trump cartoon was disgusting

Signe Wilkinson’s July 2 drawing was one of the more disgusting and disrespectful political cartoons I have seen in quite some time. To suggest that not just this president, but any president, would figuratively defecate on the American flag is neither humorous nor thought-provoking!

I don’t recall such editorializing when the flag was being burned and defamed by so-called students during the Berkeley riots.

Andrew Warren, Langhorne, alwarren294@yahoo.com

President should stop tweeting

I am 89 years old and a lifelong Republican, and I have to say I am very upset about the way President Trump has been representing our country with his many unpleasant tweets. This is bringing embarrassment to his office, to the Republican Party, and to the United States of America. And it is setting a terrible example for our young people.

Many of our presidents have been remembered with nicknames: George Washington was the Father of Our Country, Andrew Jackson was Old Hickory, Abraham Lincoln was Honest Abe, Dwight Eisenhower was Ike, Ronald Reagan was the Gipper.

If President Trump continues down the same path, I’m afraid the best he can hope for is the Tweeter, or perhaps even Tweety Bird.

Doris Mackenzie, Lower Gwynedd