WILL BUNCH mentions, almost in passing, in a recent column ("Russia explodes, and Trump is a dog that doesn't bark") that Donald Trump praised the Chinese government's 1989 brutal crackdown on student demonstrators at Tiananmen Square. The only resemblance of a fact from Bunch's statement is that Trump did publicly comment on the violent crackdown in a 1990 interview with Playboy.

The initial question was about then-Soviet Leader Gorbachev and the unrest occurring in Russia at the time. Trump correctly predicted that there would be a revolution because Gorbechev was not cracking down on the demonstrators. Then the interviewer brought up Tiananmen Square and Trump said that it was "horrible" but that China would not see a revolution because they came down so hard on the demonstrators.

Only a completely biased person would disregard the context and see that as praise for the Chinese government. In fact, Trump was proved correctly twice, and no historian would disagree with what he said, then or now.

In the grand scheme of things, Bunch's ignorance means nothing, but it underscores the vast disinformation campaign against Donald Trump.

Kevin Metz, Ridley Park, Pa.

All want to be free from fear

Christine Flowers touches the heart of motherhood when she writes about the efforts of a Muslim mom seeking asylum mainly to protect her daughter from female genital mutilation ("Different faiths but common values"). How enlightening to hear that there are Muslims who not only believe in the sanctity of pre-born life but share many of the core values of the other Abrahamic faiths, especially Catholicism.

Flowers stresses that this mother is interested only in sparing her child from the pain and risk imposed by a tribal custom that has nothing to do with faith. As her advocate, Flowers wants to use American justice to spare not only this child but other refugees from lives of pain or worse.

We should all be more sympathetic to the plight of human beings who want only to be free from fear and suffering.

Gloria C. Endres, Philadelphia

O'Reilly is all wrong about Maxine Waters

What Bill O'Reilly said about Rep. Maxine Waters' hair is wrong on so many levels.

Waters has more integrity, intelligence and grace than this entire new presidential regime.

Ajay Jones, Philadelphia