Cheating hubbies

don't deserve wives

What is it with these intelligent, educated wives who want to stick by their cheating husbands?

We have Mrs. (Eliot) Spitzer, Mrs. (John) Edwards, Mrs. (David) Vitter, Mrs. (John) Ensign, and now Mrs. (Mark) Sanford.

Get with it, ladies; these guys are lying hypocrites who, if they get away with it once, will do it again.

I know it is not easy to start over, but there are plenty of decent and faithful men who would love to meet you.

Ron J. Costello


Wear green

on Fourth of July

Iranian protesters were warned by the ayatollahs not to wear green, under the threat of violence for those who disobey. Can anyone imagine the Irish being told not to wear green?

Let the world support those young and brave protesters by wearing green. I am old enough to be all atwitter about such a prospect. I am, however, a generation away from being Twitter literate.

Will someone pick up the banner and Twitter the world to wear green in support of the Iranian protesters on a given day? How about the Fourth of July, when Americans display our red, white, and blue?

Surely there is enough room for a green pin, bracelet, or wristband to show these young Iranian patriots they can succeed against tyranny.

Bob McCrindle

New Hope

Jackson's music

will outlive faults

I'm ambivalent about Michael Jackson the person, but exalt him as one of the premier entertainers of all time.

This troubled man put his demons behind him when he practiced his craft, and left mere mortals in his wake. His genius crossed all generations and nations in awe of his unique talent.

He was trying to make a comeback, and probably wore his heart out to perfect his craft as only he could. Like Elvis, he'll live through the ages as an American icon who, through innovation, reenergized music for generations, but died too soon.

Anthony J. Frascino


Obama should end

'Don't Ask' policy

Gay men and women in the armed forces face incredible harassment and fear of bodily harm. Because he was gay, Navy Seaman Allen Schindler was beaten so badly that his mother could only identify her son by the remains of a tattoo on his arm.

Parents should not have to fear that their child will be harmed or murdered because of his or her sexual orientation.

So long as there are armies, there will be gay troops, men and women, who must be safe from harassment, and worse. President Obama's ending the ignominious ban on gays serving openly in the military would be a step toward ending this climate of hate.

Mike Felker


Focus on parents

instead of teachers

If you review the history of Philadelphia's schools, nothing has changed except more dropouts and more students who can't meet the minimum standards.

The teachers, once very well-paid in comparison with their suburban colleagues, have been underpaid for years. America is failing as a country, and refusing to address parenting, and instead focusing on teachers and administrators, will keep it so.

If you remove the test scores of the students from the largest 17 urban centers, America's student test scores jump up quickly.

Howard I. Chud


Bad teachers

can be dealt with

Philadelphia schools CEO Arlene Ackerman wants the public to think the union protects bad teachers. Not true. If principals would follow contractual procedures, which involve actually helping the teacher, and holding frequent remediating conferences and follow-up evaluations, then more ineffective teachers would either improve or receive appropriate consequences.

Ackerman needs to pressure her administrators to do their jobs.

R. Sarne


Don't hike taxes;

sell the liquor stores

Gov. Rendell says Pennsylvania has the nation's second-lowest state income tax. Of course, he is leaving out states with zero income tax. So, there is much more room for improvement than he lets on.

We know Rendell hates to raise our taxes. That's why he puts casinos in neighborhoods that don't want them. But now it looks as if Rendell is going to give us both casinos that we don't want and increased taxes that we don't need.

My vote is to bridge this onetime budget deficit by selling the state liquor stores. That would give a jolt to entrepreneurship, provide better customer service, and avoid some tax increases. Who can complain about that? Oh, the bureaucrats who control the state liquor stores!

Al Giacomucci