Stay hungry, Philly. We're underdogs no more | Editorial

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Updated: Friday, February 9, 2018, 3:54 PM

Hang up your masks, Philly. We’re not underdogs anymore.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce didn’t just steal the show during Thursday’s Super Bowl championship parade. He also set the tone for the city, looking back and going forward.

Kelce, in a fascinating fulmination, railed about the disrespect visited upon his “underdog” team and its city.

Kelce said an underdog is a hungry dog. And we agree.

Still, there comes a time to hang up the underdog masks.

Though we are underdogs no more, we must stay hungry.

Coach Doug Pederson showed some of his own parade swagger, declaring that his team is “not done yet.”

That’s the rumble in the belly we want to hear, the hunger that keeps this city on the hunt. We’re on Amazon’s short list. Other corporations must take notice. Our population, once a barometer of urban decay, is heading in a positive direction. Neighborhoods beyond Center City are reblooming with civic life.

The Eagles’ victory isn’t a one-off. It’s a nice big step in a movement already underway.

Mayor Kenney on Friday said the ultimate value of the crowded city Thursday goes beyond the economic impact of bars and restaurants and hotels filled with fans. “I just think we’re more kind of self-aware of what we’re capable of,” Kenney said. “Psychically, you can’t put a price on what this meant for our city.”

The Inquirer Editorial Board

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