Write to Us: Letters and Op-Eds


Readers can have their views considered for publication in The Inquirer either as letters (up to about 150 words) or op-eds (about 500 to 800 words). The writer's name, e-mail address, home address, and day and evening phone numbers should be included for verification purposes.

Submissions to the letters section may be emailed to inquirer.letters@phillynews.com or mailed to Readers Editor, The Inquirer, Box 41705, Philadelphia, PA 19101.

Authors' email addresses are published only with their consent. Letters may be edited for clarity, length, and accuracy. Preference for publication goes to letters sent exclusively to The Inquirer. Because of the volume, we cannot confirm receipt of each letter. Letters become the property of The Inquirer and may be republished in any medium.

Op-ed submissions may be e-mailed to oped@phillynews.com or mailed to Commentary Page Editor, The Inquirer, Box 41705, Philadelphia, PA 19101. Previously unpublished submissions are preferred. Because of the volume, we can’t respond to every submission.

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